Dream 638: Blue Mosque

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Going up levels in a tower. Church level. Above that, Mosque level. Above that, a level with a cobweb-covered biomech robot with blue skin, just the torso build into a booth, which speaks actually very realistically, though it’s been lonely for a long time.

Film Micrœview #548: The Clone Wars

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Rating: Bad.

I can’t believe this was in theaters. It was just like one of the multi episode arcs of the show. Not even a good one. Too many nicknames. Such an awkward resolution. Occasional awkward sexism.

Film Micrœview #547: Midsommar

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Rating: Shrug.

Friends and I discussed the film for quite some time afterward. We felt it fell short of greatness, though showed promise. We gave it points for taking on an interesting challenge and being a successful exercise in style. We also appreciated the moment when the protagonist found herself screaming traumatically and getting those screams echoed by her maidens; a unique mixed bag of emotions going on there for sure. But we felt that the protagonist’s backstory could have been better intertwined with her experience with this cult. The transcendent conclusion was unearned.

Dream 637: Voucherriot

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I’m drinking and partying. Someone is not who they say they are.

In the morning I need some fruit snacks from the grocery store. I pay for it with a refund voucher. To my surprise, the cashier does not ask for any money. I hesitate, and she explains that my voucher is for more than the total cost of the bag of fruit snacks. Indeed, I’ve got $3.05 worth of voucher and only $2.30 worth of fruit snacks. I can’t decide whether it is worth it to waste 75¢. It will be difficult to find something worth as close to 75¢ as possible; the cheapest thing is probably over a dollar here, probably more like my bag of snacks at over 2. And I don’t happen to have enough cash on me right now to get the snacks without the voucher, so fuck it. I notice on my way out that while I paid for cherry flavored fruit snacks, I took a bag of grape.

I hustle through the two sketchy city blocks outside the grocery store toward the main street, which is a massive straight parched grass valley. It’s a hot day, super dry, yellowy late afternoon. The stoplight is more like the beginning of a race, with 50 lanes of cars, all only one car deep, lined up. The crosswalk indicator is already blinking, but I decide to chance it, dashing across. Unfortunately it goes a solid red hand when I’m only a fifth of the way across, and I’m far enough in front of the cars that they might not notice me or might have higher priorities or might not be able to tell if they’re the one that would run me over and maybe they actually are racing and anyway I can just see this turning into me getting run over  if I don’t give up and turn back.

Besides, once the row of cars has passed, there are no cars behind them for a long while, so I can pretty much cross the grass valley street at my leisure. An official informs me that I must take an exit interview once on the other side, and that I should gather as many orange stalky flowers as I can on my way over. I do, with pride, and when I’m inside the cool concrete interview room and place my bundle on the weight, the interviewer looks impressed and says, “Wow, you are really tall.”

I’m loading my stuff into the back of a van. More drinking and partying.


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n. a day of the week which is not a weekday; a weekend day; Saturday or Sunday.

Film Micrœview #546: Spice World

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Rating: Shrug.

Obviously this film is an absolute mess. But I don’t think that makes it bad. To impose a coherent structure on the girl power of the Spice Girls would have been the wrong creative decision. Also has some fun cameos.

Dream 636: Spoon Park

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Karin and I live in a Manhattan tower. We occupy an entire set of two floors. Our loft has towering paintings from the 1600’s and all sorts of gold and jewels. We also have a bridge between our building and another. We’re standing on the bridge, looking down on the streets, where in a city park some homeless people mingle. The park is a giant bowl with two giant spoons in it. The bowl is big enough and the park distant enough that from here it looks like the size of a normal bowl, and I get my fingers grimy from touching a spoon handle.

Later, I notice a different man from any of the homeless people we saw trying to break in. I can’t decide what to do. I want to startle him to make him flee, since he doesn’t appear to know anyone is home. But I’m afraid if I startle him, he might shoot at me. I don’t know if our glass is bullet-proof. I don’t want to call the police if I don’t have to.

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