Metallic Moment of Symmetry Scales

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I spent the past month or so putting this together:

Dream 634: Pentagonal Breast Necrosis Fractal

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Some time ago I had some potentially contaminated shrapnel in my right breast. I scooped it out in an unsanitary way. In the mirror this morning I notice that my entire chest is now consumed with a fractal of necrosis exhibiting pentagonal symmetry centered on the original wound, in places contorted and swollen up to an inch outward from my skin’s surface. I ask Karin if she thinks I should get it looked at. She says yes.

Dream 633: The Mayor of Denver, Cont.

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Taking a break from watching an amazing Kubrick film, a new friend and I head out to the market. I notice that, as it is almost Halloween, they are selling the traditional black, white, and orange colored gourds which are generally ovoid like normal but which also each boast two crazy lobes with little microlobes which overall resemble baby feet (you know, in the Halloween spirit). The friend introduces me to his two other friends we meet there. I begin to get the impression that this was an arranged meeting, and that all these men want to have sex with me. Now, come on, just because this Kubrick movie famously features not just one but two unsimulated homosexual blowjobs doesn’t mean that I’m gay! Unfortunately I don’t want to (be the one to) make any assumptions so instead I super awkwardly back out of the situation and flee politely as they say we should hang out again sometime but without leaving any means for anyone to find me ever again.

I’m helping the mayor repair the poles of his circus tent by holding the top half stable apart from the bottom half while he changes out the screwed-in midsections. It’s a task which requires a huge amount of trust – I could literally bring down the city if I didn’t keep this pole perfectly straight up and down and balanced! Afterwards we just sit around watching TV because I’m here for the rest of the day. He politely asks me if I’d rather hang out in his town, but I decline. It is kind of a boring town. Honestly I’d rather just be doing my work but I don’t know how to ask for that.

Dream 632: Inland Municipality

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One of those American romantic criminal couples like Bonnie and Clyde is at it again, in the modern age. Just as they’re about to do their next hack, the woman gets a grand idea. The man can see it in her eyes, this is gonna be big, as she ducks down behind the counter of the computer lab.

Rich as all fuck now, they move to one of Cuba’s infamous Inland Municipalities. These landlocked havens in total take up solidly 50% of Cuba’s area, and each one is a walled-off recreation of another spot on the planet’s surface. Our American hacker anti-heroes recreate Denver with such accuracy that you’d think if the mayor ever came here he’d sue!

Film Micrœview #544: Destroy All Monsters

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Rating: Bad.

I guess I just don’t love kaiju enough to enjoy watching men in suits flailing about as toy tanks drive around. And the plotting was so thin and poorly pieced together, and yet there was way too much of it for how much kaiju battle there was. Like, the connection between this guy and girl, and he hardly seems to care she gets mind controlled, and then he saves her like halfway through. I suppose this is a given, but nothing really seemed to make any sense either.

Dream 631: Trigger Suspicion

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My mom picks up on some faint percussive sounds and asks about them. I realize that she hears some Mario music, and I go into the game. I shoot up in a Super Mario World pipe backwards through the level into Super Mario Bros. 3 Air world.

From the balcony a woman spots me with my handgun, but when I go down into the lobby to speak with her she is clearly beguiled enough by me that she forgives what she saw. That is, until I say goodbye, at which point my hands flap out of my sweater pockets, the gun still clutched, so that the line of sight passes over her face. “At least it wasn’t loaded,” I say, noticing her saucer eyes, but then I realize it was actually, and admit as much, at which point she gets terrified and angry. I go back up to the balcony and throw the gun in a waste bin. I wish I had thought that part through better because of course she’s still staring at me and my act of disposing of the weapon is the final trigger of her suspicion and so she calls the cops. I am really quite surprised that it only took me this long to get the law on my back. I steal a space car and blast out of the port.

We’re only through 5 of the 9 films of tonight’s marathon. By my rough estimates even with no breaks we’ll be up until sunrise. This 6th film at least is just a 10 minute short, but somehow the organizer finds it okay to put on a SECOND CUT of it.

I own two spots in South America indicated by bleeping thin red concentric circles on the world map. I go to the one in Uruguay, which is a trippy floating bubble with a chunk of land and house with a swirling glowing blue storm of smoke rippling against the wall, the perpetually low in the sky ochre sun cutting through.

Film Micrœview #543: The Ceremony

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Rating: Good.

This movie was sick, in every sense of the word.

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