Dream 623: Pseudo-geometrhythm

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By virtue of my friendship with Theodore I have found myself in the company of several relatively famous or powerful people in the VR world who are all buffing this car and about to step in and drive off from this garage. One of them finally says something I can relate to and in an interesting way, but as soon as they give me my window to jump in and show off my thoughtfulness, I goof it up by bogging down in details and then being unable to recall names etc. so the energy of the room loses interest and plows me over and they move on.

The regular polygons are arranged in increasing side count order from left to right. Each one has n-2 sides developed into flowery designs that represent different degrees of reflexivity in music.


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v. to obtain.

Film Micrœview #524: The Postman Always Rings Twice

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Rating: Shrug.

I confess that I watched this movie in two stretches: during the first stretch I was high, knowing I wouldn’t be able to finish it before bedtime, and during the second stretch the next day I was not high. I liked the first 45 minutes of the movie, the ones I watched while high, a lot more. I was concerned that I only liked them because I was high, but I’m pretty sure I can rationally justify that the first 45 minutes of this movie are good and then it kind of peters out.

At the end of the first stretch of watching I was amazed at how much had happened already; I felt like an entire movie could be made out of just this much material, and I was really looking forward to how deep the movie was going to get with its remaining more than an hour. But instead what happened was: the script just stopped building layers upon layers onto its plot, and instead just started jabbing out in random directions for a scene at a time; any of these scenes could have happened in any order and it wouldn’t have made any difference.

And especially toward the end the tone got quite confused and awkward. The final scene, which provides the title, features all the antagonists sympathizing for and helping the protagonist, even though he’s not a sympathetic character, as he monologues out a trite statement about karma. For me, this cast a retroactive pallor of cheesiness over the preceedings.

I only don’t give this movie a shrug because I think there were a number of strong, powerful, well-crafted scenes earlier in the film, when the dramatic trajectory was taut. The scene where he meets the wife and burns the burger is what works about the film in a nutshell.

Oh yeah, also, the film loses points for treating women like property.

Dream 622: Liquidity

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This is one of the longest pees I’ve ever taken. So long, in fact, that I’m going to have to let up the stream and flush before the bowl overflows. Partially this is because a lot of the volume is taken up by nimono which I’ve either peed out, have materialized from my pee, or were already there.

If I moved to San Francisco, I’d totally live here, in this poor Mexican neighborhood underneath this almost-coastal highway with the foggy verdant plateau.

The investment is a scam. All three female founders? Yep, all former sex workers. Just actresses. One mispronounces a word she’s been practicing and beats herself up over it. The second in command chimes in for the umpteenth time trying to usurp her centrality. The third fringe one goes to her hotel room desk where she’s managed through trickery to reserve one purple Bernie donation envelope, which she is going to use to get some money to her brother and hopefully escape. Sadly the evil man in charge catches her and opens the letter, where she’s filled out a survey about the quality of her experience on his team. He cruelly sarcastically interrogates her about her responses, “Oh, so you don’t like the air books, huh? Well maybe we can…”

I’m surprised to find that Shane has prepared a mostly green with a splash of black deck to combat this new, super tough blue and green deck, given that he usually goes straight control centered on blue.


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seye, v. alternate spelling of see.

I hear with my ear, why not seye with my eye?

Dream 621: Bad Advice

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Keith and I are taking a RegEx class. He asked the professor for help on something, and the professor’s help only got him halfway. He eventually gets it though and is upset about the halfway advice retroactively.


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palimpsestuous, adj. having layers which interact inappropriately.

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