Dream 619: Maximal Negligence

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I was the one responsible for parking the first car of my dad’s I remember from my childhood, a white Nissan Maxima, at this massive labyrinthine complex of concrete carved into this housing hillside. Manny looks down through an atrium from one level (nearly neighborhood on the other side) down to a skating arena beneath. Karin’s dad and I are looking for the car but I spent so long trying to park it that everywhere looks familiar and I can’t really remember where I ended up. After some time I realize that perhaps the reason we can’t find it is that I failed to lock it and it has been stolen, probably by thugs in the employ of Drumpf, my college campus’s lead Republican. It’s still my fault, though, and I know Karin will be deeply frustrated with my negligence with her car. It saddens me further for it to sink in within myself even: the true extent of my negligence, not just not being able to find where I originally parked it.


Film Micrœview #521: The Housemaid

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Rating: Bad.

So it was all a dream, and a PSA?!

I was never able to get my head around the stakes. If there were none, and thus it was supposed to be a surreal nightmare like The Exterminating Angel, then it went over my head.

Film Micrœview #520: Into the Spiderverse

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Rating: Shrug.

I liked the animation style, and the twist on the callback and McGuffin tropes in the climax.

Dream 618: Indy 500

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Indiana Jones gets a knock on his hotel room door. A voice from his past. He is blind and palsied now, his lips and tongue flapping desperately, barely able to speak coherently. This woman wants emotional revenge and kidnaps Indy to take him around to places which might spur memories, memories she hopes to transfer some of her pain over to him. Frustratingly to her, this pharmacy does not seem to trigger a response in Indy. Inside Indy, however, we can see that he does understand well what is happening, but cannot express it.

We’re going to take this raft we’ve summoned, once we can figure out how to steer it, and divert water from the tower up on the hill down to it to make it a party raft!


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v. to make similar or concordant.

She crepented the discrepancy. 


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n. one who is not in charge of a project or department.

Dream 617: Cinemaquake

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The theater has already repaired the gaping holes in the building inflicted by the earthquake during our movie by its end. The organic glass and steel seals over the wreckage is almost an improvement to the decor.

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