Film Micrœview #517: Downton Abbey

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Rating: Shrug.

Guilty pleasure.


Dream 615: Not My Nightmare

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A truck carrying mobile device repair person kits has crashed. The tool sets have spilled into the street, many busted open, scattering their contents. Sadly, contents of such kits consist mostly of hundreds of different incompatible, nearly-microscopic, barely-distinguishable, proprietary-sized-and-shaped nails and screws. A desperate man asks me for help. I stammer for just a moment, trying to figure out how I could be either polite or evasive, but give up and just say “Sorry, this is not my problem. Good luck.”

Dream 614: Catbapple

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Saul’s cats are fighting over a semicircular half of a quarter-inch thick cross section of pineapple.

Film Micrœview #516: The Dark Crystal

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The last time I watched this was about 8 years ago. This time was a bit of a different experience because I had just come out of watching the new miniseries. So the miniseries biggest issue I would say is a meandering, tedious, excessive, and incoherent plot, riddled with loose ends. Compared with its density, the film seemed flimsy – without any conflict or story really at all. I expected it in comparison to seem simpler, more pure fantasy – but I think it overshot the mark and felt too sparse and hacked together writing-wise.

They both have amazing moods, craft, and imagination, especially when it comes to the flora and fauna.

Dream 613: Blockbuster

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I’m watching a film starring Bradley Cooper and Kelsey Grammer.

Alan has reverted from his perma-Burner style back to his normal person frosh year style.

Dream 612: Candy Corn Casserole

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Karin and I are making some candy corn casserole (basically just somewhat melted candy corn). From a large, multi-tiered carousel I choose an assortment of hard candy to be mixed in. Some of the pieces are rather large and thus need to be broiled to make them crispier and more brittle. It doesn’t look like we’ve blistered them quite enough, I demonstrate, by taking one and just tapping it between my molars. But even that is enough to maybe break a piece off my tooth. Yup, it broke my tooth – I can tell this off-white little chunk is definitely tooth material.

Trying to hang out in the waters off the coast of the kitchen cabinet moldings. I keep getting pushed further out to sea. I ask my brother and sister for help explaining how to find more stable spots. My brother tries to explain the way the water interacts with contours and depth and such but it’s just too complicated to put into words – he starts getting angry at my lack of intuition, which to him comes so naturally he’s sure if I just paid some attention I’d pick up on the flow. Something about the spot I picked being right at the corner next to the fridge is particularly vulnerable.

Film Micrœview #515: シン・ゴジラ

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Rating: Good.

What a relief after having watched the recent American installment of Godzilla.

This film is like an update of the original Godzilla film for the modern day. It’s themes and struggles are true to the original while updating and complicating them (in a way far more successful than, for example, Villeneuve’s Blade Runner was). The relationship with the United States, with its own history, with nuclear technology, and with future technologies is all brought to bear here. The chilling moment at the climax, without aplomb, was perfectly executed. Godzilla’s dead eyed gaze and crooked teeth here put him this side of a natural disaster; the American version’s ‘tude and grimaces and shows of force look ridiculous in comparison to this horrific perversion of nature. My only real gripe is with the American character, who was supposed to be part-white or part-black or something (part-Patterson anyway), played by a Japanese actress who clearly learned her English lines phonetically.

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