Dream 603: Seconds

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I’ve gotten switched around with my parallel reality self. The only way one can tell is that whenever I am outside, it immediately starts to rain, but only gets everyone else wet. I’d like to switch back, but switching “seconds”, across “backup realities”, is more complicated than that.


Film Micrœview #508: If Beale Street Could Talk

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Rating: Good.

Got kind of a WKW vibe going on here with the evocative, slow-paced 60/70’s period piecing. Not about depth of characters or plot but about depth of emotion within each patch of the patchwork.

Film Micrœview #507: The Forbidden Room

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Rating: Good.

Hilarious, kooky, and never a dull moment. I knew it was something special the moment the opening credits started to roll.

Dream 602: An Old Hope

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Most people don’t really realize this, but if you go back and re-watch the original Star Wars trilogy today, you’d be surprised by how different A New Hope looks and feels from Empire and Return. First of all, it was so low budget that it was actually written to be set on Earth, in suburbia, coming across like your more typical pulpy alien home invasion sci-fi nonsense.

There’s this one scene with an old, weird-bearded, emotive Jewish man making some weird comments about Leia’s bridal suite.

There’s another shot I didn’t remember at all of a section of a space battle that pans up to reveal that it is moving away from the battle at extreme speed, as it is keeping pace with an X-Wing that Han is piloting straight at the audience. The shot continues to pan up past the bottom of the ship to hold centered on its top, as R2 – plugged in – whirs per usual.

Dream 601: You can all manage

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Got the new Japan-USA plugin.

Making a surprise landing on a hilly highway. “You can all manage,” the pilot assures us, patronizingly. At least the highway seems to have been cleared for us. As soon as we go over the first hill, though, it becomes clear that only the first stretch was, which the pilot failed to make use of. Now we have to land among backed-up traffic. “You can all manage…”

Dream 600: Ember Island

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Karin and I tote our rolling luggage through a colorful foreign airport casino. I ramble on about how I’ve been looking into how money works and how I could help fix the wealth imbalance in the world. Karin interjects, explaining to me deeper concepts about value and currency. Approaching a skeeball machine, I try to jump back in and say that yes I do understand all this about governments and history, etc.

Ironically, Karin plays just one skeeball round before running out of free cash. She jokes that she wishes she’d’ve been better prepared, but the fact remains that she’s just a “mere human.” As she scoots off to withdraw more bills, I sit down in a nearby red cotton tub chair where I’ll watch our bags, sighing to myself, “no you’re not.”

Leaning against a skeeball machine a couple down from ours, a weird older French woman wearing a blue sequin dress who’d been eavesdropping makes eye contact with me and asks, “She’s not human?” Seeing in her eyes that she takes her question quite seriously, I explain politely that I just meant that I thought she was an extraordinary person. Without coming any closer, the woman begins to chatter at me about crazy sounding stuff. I keep my apparent engagement low in an attempt to abort a conversation, but I still can’t help but lend her a courteous nod or “uh huh” once or twice.

Karin returns, gives me a quick kiss, and starts a new game. After a moment, the French woman is suddenly quite nearby, breaching Karin’s personal space from those two machines away as if in a single stride, startling her. Without introduction, she continues prattling on about whatever it was she had been prattling on about — I realize that I hadn’t been paying close enough attention that I’d’ve been able to recall by myself, but definitely recognize some stuff in there about an island we’re going to all together — and while she’s looking at Karin she is directing her words to me, and the way she phrases things and the way she uses the definite article for this island (“*the* island”) suggests to Karin that I’d been talking with her. I shoot a glance back to Karin to indicate that no I wasn’t leading her on or anything like that, she’s just bonkers. And I’m suddenly conscious of the fact that the woman stopped talking at me just before Karin returned, as if to make it more difficult for me to dis-incriminate myself.

The woman continues prattling on, now about this “human” she met on this “island”, and how the sex was amazing, the sex was insane, the sex the sex was unforgettable the sex. We click into an obvious random spinny floaty Gaspar Noé shot as the woman — much taller than Karin — puts her back to Karin’s and bends backward, bending her over the red cotton tub chair in which I am no longer sitting. In fact, I am nowhere to be seen, and the woman’s hair is suddenly buzzed to her scalp. Her eyes are closed, deep in remembrance of this position, and Karin now too seems strangely hypnotized.
It’s pitch black. We are in the subjectivity of an old man, who asks, “Are you sure you can make it by nightfall?” The acoustics suggest that we are in a small carpeted room. We hear my voice from nearby in front of us in this room; I reply, “I’ve sailed this strait many times.” We know that Karin is with me. The old man takes a drag on a cigarette which we hadn’t realized was in our mouth, and a chunk of embers falls from its tip and onto our ribbed sweater. We are laying on our back on a couch.

The shot cross-fades, the embers on the cigarette becoming headlamps, the embers on the sweater becoming their reflection on the surface of a body of water. The implication, of course, is that we didn’t make it by nightfall after all, that we are still in the process of sailing to the island. However, that expectation is broken soon enough when it is revealed that the headlamps belong not to a boat but to a car driving on a street which overlooks water. Karin and I have made it, and we are searching for the human.

Dream 599: Silent Matrix

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Society has found itself inside a Matrix, except there is no visible conflict in any reality’s timeline. Instead, the aliens began implanting humans with the seed of control decades ago, but only have the power to seize the minds of children born to those implanted – something about their seed needing to pass through the reproductive cycle of its host to full grasp how to enslave it. So the moment has come when the last human not born to a silently infested human has died, and that’s when they flip the switch and everyone enters a dreamworld sameltimeously and no one is the wiser. I suppose you could have one person they somehow missed wondering why the whole world is bonkers but them assume she’s senile.

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