Dream 628: Dust Brothers

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I’ve a tray with various disposal pieces of my body that have been pried off arranged on it. Three strands of my hair rest in the middle, each attached to a tomato-sized iridescent bag filled with some sort of oil. The whole thing has a distinct jellyfish vibe, and I realize that if each one of my hairs had such a follicle beneath it, they in total would occupy not only much more space than my scalp, but my entire head, really even hundreds of times the size of my body. What gives?

Braiden and Stoyan (who I didn’t even know knew each other!) have teamed up to produce a musical instrument which is something like a duster but which has Nerf-like foam on it and which you can dust around your room (given that you have mounted Nerf-like foam receptors strategically around said room) to “play your home”. They’ve shared a video online of them demonstrating it together, Braiden holding Stoyan up on a chair as he dusts around a recessed ceiling of a room with doors into adjacent rooms on all four sides.

Gillian comments on a post from Bernard, one of his sports ones (instead of politics). She says that’s quite enough football for now, and signs off as `hottie.json`. 

I’m stalling for time in my explanation to the rest of my team of bros, waiting for my mom to remove herself from the periphery, so I can get to the real meat of the story where I shroomed before the game, so we can best decide what to write next.

My brother and I arrive back at the hotel by way of the party lawn out front of the frat house. Unfortunately the stairs are blocked off on all three sides with big floor-to-ceiling wooden barrier. My brother hastily begins dismissing the hotel as super janky while I continue investigating options, giving them the benefit of the doubt. After scouting around, (there’s a fat woman in the dining area) doing my due diligence to identify alternative means of getting to our room on floor two, I ask a hotel worker how/if we can get there. She says we can’t right now. I’m like, wait, what, isn’t that a huge fire hazard? Is everyone currently *on* the second floor currently trapped up there? Again, a flabberghastly “yes”. Okay, then, I guess I’ll just have to go out to dinner at the fancy pants restaurant in what I’m currently wearing, a sweaty Tool tshirt and swim trunks, and we’re in Illinois so that isn’t even acceptable fine dining attire as it is where I make my home in California.

So here we are heading over, a Hawaiian girl named “La-ni” (I expect hyphenated to help foreigners understand how to elongate the initial syllable) on a billboard.


Film Micrœview #537: The Crow

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Rating: The 90’s.

This film is simply one of the ninetiesest things ever and there’s really not much meaningful one can say about it besides that.


Film Micrœview #536: Fantastic Fungi

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Rating: Shrug.

This doc was a bit tedious and silly. A bit preaching to the choir. I wish it had gone into a bit more detail about various scientific subjects. There was just a bit too much kaleidoscopic tripping imagery for me and not enough facts about the history of psilocybin use by hominids.

Film Micrœview #535: Cannibal: The Musical

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Rating: Good.

(Strangely, it is a complete and utter coincidence that the next movie I watched after Duet for Cannibals was a movie called Cannibal: The Musical. I had never heard of the form before the Roxie recommended it to me, and I had never heard of the latter either until my friend was giving me his top 3 film commentaries and the commentary for this film was on it)

Wow, I never realized *just* how much of a drama kid Trey Parker was until now. I loved the delightfully odd and random vibe of this movie.

Dream 627: GQ Bern

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Bernie has gone all GQ on us: snazzy yuppie suit, full head of slicked (white) hair.

Film Micrœview #534: Duet for Cannibals

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Rating: Good.

One of the first edits cuts from the shattered glass of a window, from a book tossed by the beautiful wife of the protagonist’s new boss, right back to the man shaving in the mirror, which was one of the first shots. And then it’s only on the shaving man again for a second. It seems clear that this cut is mocking that the film would be drawing some sort of correlation between the two events. Mocking symbolism, mocking interpretation. It’s a movie about temptation and finding yourself. We don’t need symbols for it to be about that.

This was still a film about counterculture, both political and sexual, but not allegorically. In other words, I felt the sixties in a way I had never felt them before. Thank you, Susan.

Film Micrœview #534: The Interview

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Rating: Shrug.

I’m a bit concerned at how a North Korean citizen might receive this film, but as far as its controversy in the States, it hardly seems worse than your average South Park episode. I mean, I’m not totally sure if given the history of the United States overthrowing governments and in the process causing mass suffering for the people situates this movie in the best of taste, but it does at least do lip service to North Korea being our fault in the first place. And it does take a look at how the US aspires to dictatorship just as DPRK aspires to our decadent capitalism.

I didn’t find it that funny, but if for no other reason than flying in the face of fear mongering, I respect it.

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