Dream 505: Trump Suit

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Donald Drumpf is attempting to apologize to me, but instead of just saying he’s sorry he instead puts on some sing-a-long he apparently thinks I’d like and gets the crowd going shaking their sugar packets as maracas before he slinks away behind the stage.

Film Micrœview #364: The Godfather: Part III

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Rating: Bad.

I can’t see Corleone. I can only see Pacino. He moves too much and changed his style.

I can’t unsee Sofia Coppola’s permasneer.

I’m not interested in Vincent’s story. I didn’t ask for this.

It’s like remixed elements from the first two movies, crossed with crap.

Suffers from “Matrix Sequel Syndrome” where it is no longer itself directly but a step back from itself, pondering itself, except out loud, in words instead of actions, and dumbly.

Dream 504: Dart Cop

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A baby owl in the entryway of a Target store screeches at me when I first approach but eventually lets me snuggle it.

Film Micrœview #363: Head (1968)

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Rating: Evil.

This hipster posturing is dangerous and disgusting.

Self-deprecation is used as an excuse to do showcase morally reprehensible behavior without justifiably questioning it. If you admit you have nothing to say, you are not allowed to loop documentary clips of an execution in the streets, even if you invite Zappa to say you’re focusing too much on your showmanship instead of your musical material.

If women are represented in your film primarily as hysterical sex objects, you don’t get to jest about beating transvestites. When you portray members of historically persecuted minorities primarily as stereotypical warriors I am offended; inviting Zappa to say your music is too white does not correct that either.

Acknowledging that you are spectacular and manufactured does not mean that a scene of you blowing up a Coke vending machine has absolved you of commercialism. Demonstration of your awareness of your fame doesn’t amount to a critique of it; you just come across as ungrateful.

This film includes some flashes wit of inspiration but overall strives for a much more meaningful degree of art which it falls pathetically short of. Zeitgeisty automatic writing style does not equate to beyond narrative so much as copping out. It is never so much a denigration of authority as a vacuous sneer at it.

Little worse than a bunch of spoiled, privileged, pretentious brats whining and showing off. The music is still okay here and there if only for its retro aesthetic. You know, I actually liked this movie when I was a kid, but then I guess I grew up.

Dream 503: Mushcorns

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A Japanese cosmetics model is explaining that it’s worth it for her species to deposit their edible marble-hard rainbow-striped mushrooms around the ecosystem because some animals won’t realize that their similar but smaller and spherical acorns are poisonous.

Film Micrœviews #361 & #362: The Godfather, Parts I & II (1972 & 1974)

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Rating: Dr. Pepper & Dr. Pepper


I’d seen these before as a kid and hadn’t rewatched them recently, so I took the opportunity to share them with my girlfriend who had never seen them.
I had no idea that it was about capitalism until now. When I was young I could only understand the surface layer epic of an Italian-American mob family. Today, the commentary on turn of the century America in Vito versus postwar America in Michael is plain as day. Of course the films have quite a bit to say about the American immigrant experience, Italian and otherwise, and how that plays into our national narrative. Both Corleones represent both the individual and the country at their respective times. In the first case, it was a time when our evil actions were of moral necessity, a time when perhaps we were a sort of benevolent, virtuous, protecting don for the world. In the second, that cause degenerated into moral bankruptcy, the evil consuming us, emboldened by moral mandate.
During the first hour of II, I was concerned I didn’t see it as close to equal in quality with I as one popularly hears (while III is a distant last). I wasn’t sure because the style was so different. There was more plot, yet the plot was unfocused. Why was I caring about Cuban rebels? In the first film, I could be cutting around randomly at an Italian wedding, piecing together scattered images of a life, and feel more enthralled, and every event that then happened in this world counted for everything.
Also, the music was a bit different, the cinematography, the editing. I don’t really know how to put it other than it was more dramatic.
Furthermore, on the surface, Michael’s character seems to be less dynamic. In the first film, he transforms from college boy, war hero, and outsider into the leader of the mob. It is a journey for him of coming to accept belief in necessity of some evil. While in the second film, he starts out already accepting that belief, and ends with it still.

But I believe Michael’s journey in the second film is even more dynamic. It’s just internal. He goes from believing he can protect and keep his family and legitimize the business, to giving up and reconciling himself to being a person who destroys his family and does whatever it takes, evil or not, to protect his business. Of course the kicker is when he straight up kills his own brother, but what I’m talking about specifically is when he is trying, and failing, to push Tom away. Terribly sad.
Also, moral of the story: And that’s why you always kill the kid.
Wtf is up with the Rite of Spring quote in the score of II?

Dream 502: Bags

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I’m running my fashion choices past my companion before going out into the world. My companion says that I look mostly fine – I should just switch out my baggy pants for better fitting ones. Now I’m in a spiral of self-questioning – I know I don’t own any baggy pants at all, and I know this pair specifically are not baggy – so what, have I just not noticed them becoming baggy over time and it’s taken another pair of eyes to reveal it for me? or have they always been baggy and I’ve blind from the beginning? or is someone playing tricks on me? Honestly, I can’t even tell if my perception right now is off either – in the full-length mirror, the pants alternately look obviously baggy and not baggy at all!

Karin has left me. I’m in a ghetto Costco style grocery store, so I give up on life and start stocking up on every variation of crackers, Cheez-its, chips, hazelnut and peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches etc. I stay past when the store closes, the last customer inside keeping them open, and I don’t even bother putting away the ladder I got out to reach a big box of something that they only had up high since they’d run out of stock within customer reach for that day.

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