Dream 590: Dopple Amnsen

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Pasta with fluffy white dog & metal mincer sauce (metal mincers are Thor hammers). The dog, which alone fights the rats here, spies me from the armchair across the room and runs up, jumping right in my face and plunging its tongue into my eyeball, and holds it there.

Karin has awoken from her amnesia to realize she was once a criminal, and one of her two favorite styles was “grab bag” (extortion). Her parents’ yard has become a hellscape of spider webs, and millions of tiny little spiders swarm around it. Her mom rises up, ripping a hole in the white carpet of web to expose the deep green beneath, the sky brimming with storm, and presents a plastic water bottle of fish sauce, which Karin had finally given to her as the escape method from the web.

Down in the parking garage, I’m astounded when Karin won’t give change to a passing homeless man but right in his face is trying to use it to put in the slots on a parked car and turn on its headlights so we can see our chairs better for sitting comfortably and watching a movie together down here. Up on the fireplace mantle I’ve turned the speakers so they lay on their long sides.

Similarly I remove the film from the bottom of Kenji’s speakers. It lets you hear things better though is not recommended as depending on the evenness and cleanliness of the surface you place them on can be unsafe. Kenji says, since he shares them with Rick, to place them in-between the two couches that are on one side of this two-sided garage (both doors on opposite sides are open right now). Rick himself drops by but is too busy working. Everyone says there’s no way he can slide 1000 lbs of something across the floor.

I tried to save Leia and C3PO from Vader, but I got too lost in the ever-narrowing labyrinth of pale-green-yellow-beige hallways behind the high school cafeteria to get to them in time. C3PO has been badly damaged. Part of his face is blue. He has amnesia and his personality is weird. Leia’s face has also been damaged, but she has some freaky-looking self-healing powers she’s using. Simultaneously she is trying to help C3PO remember her by rubbing his head all over her face and even putting his head in her mouth. At this point his head is off his body, and is in fact a human brain. Pan over to the pile of magazines on the coffee table, all of whis cover stories are about this scene, whether its a focus on the special effects mask they used back in the eighties to achieve this image of Leia’s face healing, or Carrie Fisher not really being that good of an actress as proven by this scene, etc.

I’m trying to help my brother clean the outdoor table but I’m just making it worse. I brushed most of the stuff he missed into my hand but most is the operative word. What’s worse is when I bonk my head on this tree and it shakes all sorts of more debris out onto the formerly clear sidewalk. I say I’ll fix it when he’s done.

The ‘n’ key opens the garbage, but I already had it open – a wooden box hanging on the wall.


Dream 589: StarCraft II: Jajangmyeon

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Jim Raynor and a ‘Toss tower over the entrance screen to the next mission. Raynor wears only modern frameless rectangular glasses instead of a helmet, and backs out at the last minute because he’s got typhoid.

“Chinese!” someone yells. Aside from the Hercules beetle scampering about, there is also a hedgehog they may be referring to, and someone tries to snub it with a mop made of noodles.

Dream 588: Queen of Blades of Grass

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As Queen of Blades, I deliver a speech to the Zerg swarms, letting them know that while we are still doing our best to grow up, we still can’t be weak about punishing our enemies. So I take one of the piles of materials from the linoleum floor next to the kitchen table and toss it outside, setting it on fire. I wasn’t super responsible about making sure it didn’t set the entire lawn on fire, but I note immediately after tossing it that I’ve fortunately managed to toss it right into a section of the yard where no grass is growing — it’s just dark earth, maybe a little muddy even around some footprint-sized puddles of water. So there’s no dry tinder and it’ll probably be fine.

But when I come back inside, the materials are also now on top of a removable grill which is on top of some other materials on top of the kitchen table, and the fire is in a rather advanced state. Smoke is everywhere. I get a large sheet of poster board and start fanning the smoke away from the smoke detector, but the alarms are starting to go off already — not the ones on the first floor, but the ones on the second floor (the smoke has spilled out of the kitchen into the living room which has an open ceiling up through the second floor of this typical suburban home).

Moreover, all the other piles of materials are gone, indicating that I maybe shouldn’t have even burned this one.

Furthermore, when I run back outside, the fire is spreading out there too, and in a particularly insidious way — underneath the astro-turf, where I can’t even get at it. I can just see the rim of fire as a glow through the artificial blades of grass.

How will I be able to deal with two fires, now, running back and forth between them? Maybe we aren’t ready to grow up yet after all.

Film Micrœview #495: Gremlins

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Rating: Evil.

I was ill when I watched this movie and it made me get worse. Racist & xenophobic, tedious, half-baked pointless element of gremlins in machinery, mostly an excuse to have as many scenes of little green monsters causing mayhem as possible, so many loose ends (where’d Judge Reinhold go?), and by the end of the movie I couldn’t fucking stand the dopey, useless, exhausted main character kid, who did nothing to deserve anything including his reprieve from the Wise Old Mysterious Poor Chinese Man.

Also the life cycle is not well thought out. First of all, when does “after midnight” end, noon? Why are the other mogwai types mischievous before they turn into bad gremlins? Why can bad gremlins spawn directly into other bad gremlins from water (and wouldn’t it be more interesting stakes if they had to kidnap mogwais in order to reproduce?) Why don’t the gremlins react to the snow which is made of water? Judging by how much they reproduce from a single drop of water, wouldn’t jumping in a swimming pool have produced a brood the size of Texas?

Film Micrœview #494: Lifeboat

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Rating: Good.

One of the better examples of a bottle drama. Intrigue and complication keep piling on, and you’re never quite sure what to think, not even at the very end.

Film Micrœview #493: Roma

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Rating: Shrug.

This is the kind of indie drama, as opposed to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, which I can get behind: both more naturalistic, and more poetic. However, I think it’s unfortunately void of much significance. Having just come back from my first trip to Mexico City where I stayed in the Roma neighborhood, I felt a bit of romanticism toward it all. It was interesting to visit the Cinematec and see all the fuss about Roma over town. I think had I seen the film beforehand I would have paid more attention when we swept through an exhibit at a museum all about the events of 1968. However, this film just leaves all of that out and is the poorer film for it. We don’t get to learn enough about these characters. If the goal was just to paint a generic, cliche picture but force Americans to realize that this sort of thing is a real thing in Mexico too, then maybe it succeeded.

Dream 587: Ring

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Karin’s aunt has tattoos all over her face, geometric ones, looking like something out of Cloud Atlas.

Karin’s brother is egging me on up and up the rafters of this unstable building. I finally turn back at the point where I’d literally be walking a tightrope.

The fat lady who got a perfect score on a song the last round of this karaoke game decides to sing it again, only this time the Christmas version. Argumentation among the room of gathered folks ensues.

Melanie crashes a truck off a bridge into a river. We’re all worried she’s not going to try hard enough, as the driver, to save herself, as the rest of us take care of ourselves. I say I’ve got her covered. But I don’t really. Much too long later, I pull her down from the stack of folded clothes at the Gap or whatever, and I’m just silently hoping there’s a chance she’s been holding her breath this whole time, but it’s as if she’s been rotting underwater for weeks.

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