Dream 651: Trojall

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This skin-and-bones, chili-bowl blond, acne high school kid is a total know-it-all, and yet he mispronounces every “J” in every word (each time in a different way, but it is only J which he goofs up) to the point that I begin to wonder if he’s trolling us.

Dream 650: Borges

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The US is backing an evil imperialist government in Argentina which just conquested most of South America in a single day. People are worried that the world is doomed now that there is conflict on every continent.

I’m doing my part by hacking into their propagandist comm and returning it to a state of pure factual hypercubes. Though I can’t help but inject a few webcomics in there here and there, hiding in a closet to get away with it.

Film Micrœview #553: Bad Trip

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Rating: Good.

I could have done without some of the gross-out humor. The funny aspect of this movie was definitely its embedding in real-life. The most genius moment is probably the musical sequence toward the beginning. But I found myself most enjoying the scenes with Tiffany Haddish – she was just hilarious.

Film Micrœview #552: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Rating: Good.

I have a soft spot for this one. Nostalgia for sure. I still don’t think I’ve seen a movie with such an interesting huge flashback in the middle, or such tension between two main stories. The fight scenes are art. I think the best element of the film is its use of punctuated silence, when ninjafooting around, catching tipping cups, or being in peace together sharing tea.

Dream 649: Polyswedish

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Meshuggah’s new music video involves a really janky VR experience of a heavily-polygoned robot monster that is solid (not even phong) black and Swedish-Fish-red, clambering around a rocky desert landscape. It is a bi-decahedron (distinct from an icosahedron, though also with 20 sides, more like two decahedrons rotated offset from each other and intersected) which corresponds to the xenharmonic tuning they’ve used for this piece (finally they’ve gone pitch-wise xen!) with flimsy triangular leg segments touching only at points. The monster grows increasingly Don Hertzfeldtesque until the song morphs kind of into that Swedish traditional Easter song from Rejected and finally into the scene from Fanny & Alexander which uses it too and my Swedish friend from my film production co-op is there for Easter supper.

Dream 648: チョコボグリフォン

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We’ve completed most of the missions in this quest, but I feel like returning to the Chocobo Griffin pen to see if there are more colors of them now that we rescued the first one. Indeed I see a yellow one! I’m going to meet it and ride it. But before I get down to the rocks below on this cliff face I’m on, I see five more Griffins, each a different color: red, green, brown, teal, and pink. They are each mostly black with chest tufts and head accents of their colors.

Together we break into the evil compound and retrieve the box of valuable artifacts. The view is from the safe when we stab our hack javelin into it, creating a translucent distortion effect as it twists and undoes the door we are. I can also see myself as a kind of greyed-out and more realistic-looking Cloud Strife.

Later, I’m on a call with HQ to document our victory when Taylor comes in. He makes happy eyes at the shattered glass and debris from our explosive entrance, and notes that we have the box of artifacts. I regret to inform Taylor that he might not be authorized to be here while I have this important communique. I already feel bad that I did this secret mission without him, but classification is what it is.

Dream 647: Stupid Box Houses

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I’m drawing stupid houses. They’re basically translucent boxes. Over and over. I’m not even that good at this style; they aren’t deep enough. What a waste of time.

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