Dream 607: FOMO Bus

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The sun is setting and I want to shoot one last scene from on the bus as it makes its final lap. Frustratingly, it takes off right before I can get on. It makes frequent stops so I could potentially catch it. Unfortunately I’m not very good at cutting corners correctly (onto gravel where it can’t drive), and a pigeon gets in my way at one point, and also I’m not even paying close enough attention so at one point I am aiming for where it’s going to be but it makes a stop so I’m overshooting it but when I change my trajectory to go directly toward it it begins moving again so then I’m back to undershooting it and miss it again and this whole time I’m losing my precious filming time who knows what I’m missing on/from that bus!


Dream 606: The Snakehill on Guerrero

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I’m having trouble starting up this dream. Some issue in the JavaScript.

I’ve managed to choose the worst possible block for moving between Dolores and Guerrero, that is, the one with the highest hill. It T’s on Guerrero as well so I’ve even overshot. I go back down a half-block, only to see that this block from Guerrero to Valencia is also the worst possible one: it’s the one that is basically a giant craggy anthill with holes so big snakes can fit in, that you have to rock climb down, fearfully sticking your hands into these holes. The only consolation is that it’s basically a playground and with all these kids climbing all over you’d hope snakes would be too disturbed to try to hide out anywhere in the vicinity.


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v. to add or absorb carbohydrates.

n. carbohydration.

Film Micrœview #509: Us

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Rating: Good.

I don’t think this holds up to the promise of Get Out. Psychological and allegorical power abounds, sure, but overall it’s more scattered. The humor was injected in inconsistent ways. It was tapping into some Antonioni-grade vague artistic human condition commentary, but with many layers of conventional horror genre tropes, and I’m not sure it works.

Dream 605: Duke Nukem

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Blasting light blue Iron Man shots out of my chest, knocking over buildings. They stand back up again as giant angry robots with the same chest-firing ability, massively scaled up.

Riding an elevator up to the top of the building. Blast a man. Know he’s going to convert too. He stands back up and is violent but in a very strange way. He gets a weird face and struggles to hug me to death. Get off the elevator, and as soon as I see that there is at least one person out on the bar balcony I know I’m screwed.

Dream 604: Depth & Sincerity

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I’m making noodles. The two main ingredients are purpose and free will. Other than that, you have to sprinkle on the right kinds of powdered wood in order to absorb the right essences.

Dream 603: Seconds

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I’ve gotten switched around with my parallel reality self. The only way one can tell is that whenever I am outside, it immediately starts to rain, but only gets everyone else wet. I’d like to switch back, but switching “seconds”, across “backup realities”, is more complicated than that.

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