Dream 599: Silent Matrix

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Society has found itself inside a Matrix, except there is no visible conflict in any reality’s timeline. Instead, the aliens began implanting humans with the seed of control decades ago, but only have the power to seize the minds of children born to those implanted – something about their seed needing to pass through the reproductive cycle of its host to full grasp how to enslave it. So the moment has come when the last human not born to a silently infested human has died, and that’s when they flip the switch and everyone enters a dreamworld sameltimeously and no one is the wiser. I suppose you could have one person they somehow missed wondering why the whole world is bonkers but them assume she’s senile.


Dream 598: Nodefire, Blackstar

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I’m over to Kieran’s house while he’s laying on his back on his couch, recording a radio programme. Some fan is blubbering an introduction and Kieran waves it off — not impatiently — he appreciates the sentiment, though he’s heard it too many times — he just gets exhausted from his discomfort while being complimented due to his natural humbleness. Kieran is a flat pitch black silhouette and all of his features are neon phosphorescent colors — lips green, ears blue, nose pink, etc.

One of Kieran’s house guests has used Node.js plugins to engineer up some fake fire. It simulates the appearance of everything in Kieran’s apartment being on fire. Unfortunately the illusion wears off as night falls — we realize because the fake fire never actually generated its own light, so without other sources of light, just appears like some vague haze!

Film Micrœview #505: Last Night I Saw You Smiling

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Rating: Good.

The film is not an argument for a way of life being lost, nor a retaliation against a system destroying it. It captures the death of a community, but in doing so, gives it a permanent life. It perfectly, if not literally, captures the ethos of Anti-Archive: to tell stories about the now and future of Cambodia, not ignoring the past, but not dwelling in it either. The cinematography was precise and enchanting; I felt like I was watching a cross between a Frederick Wiseman and an Apichatpong Weerasethakul film. By the end, the building was so alive that watching its demolition felt like watching the life leave a person’s eyes, and I found myself shivering in the sweltering tropical city summer.

Dream 597: Waterman-eating Octopus

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There’s a giant octopus that eats all the humans that have adapted to breathe underwater but not any of the giant otherwise traditional sea creatures.

In the extreme northeast of Sweden, at the point where the developed areas round the mountain range that runs SW-NE through its center, the entire highway has been blocked off just to achieve a single feature film shot. The highway does not connect around the tip of the mountain range despite that seeming a particularly valuable stretch to be joined. A sizable diaspora of black Americans has gathered here and operates most of the businesses in this suburban strip mall.

Film Micrœview #504: Iris

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Rating: Shrug.

Pretty strange for this to be my first Maysles doc. Really should go back for the classics.

I thought this was most effective when it felt like it was almost about to fall about, specifically when it was illustrating how busy and disorganized Iris’s life can get, as the phone is ringing off the hook, her caretaker is scrambling around, and her husband is entertaining the camera with silly comments.

Aside from that I have mixed feelings about Iris herself. While the documentary makes her out to be a saint of style, I worry about seeming celebration of cultural appropriation, and my girlfriend also points out some hypocritical comments she makes given that she has been accused of copping other people’s designs.


Dream 596: Chinese Cyber-Uluru

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China is a vast flat plain, extending to the horizon in every direction. I’m gazing upon it from atop one of its many Great Computers, which are bulbous cyborg-earth mounds, something like Ulurus, dotting the landscape.

Dream 595: Passive-Aggressive Religion

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Jay and I are meeting someone new at a party. He is explaining about his beliefs as a member of the Church of Sith. The girl is telling him to stop saying blasphemous things. I slyly smile at Jay and ask her to be more open-minded.

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