Film Micrœview #575: Late Autumn

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Rating: Good.

You know. Pretty standard Ozu fare. But it’s like unagi. Standard is delicious.

Dream 669: Dawn of Evil

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Bowser’s kids, rampaging and fire-breathing around the city like Godzilla, are 1000 times greater in size than a person like me. But Bowser himself, also rampaging and fire-breathing around the city, is 1000 times greater than them in turn.

The black trash bags have expired. Viewing them on infrared through the walls, we can see that the gas build-up has popped them in half.

We’ve traded one room in this great old wooden museum place we’re living in for another, but the trade has left our already way too big space much, much, bigger, like you can drive a MarioKart around in here and bounce on springs.

Film Micrœview #574: Inland Empire

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Rating: Good.

While I’m significantly disconcerted by Lynch’s decision to not filter his subconscious racism, I like this film a lot more the second time around. In fact I may not have even finished the thing the first time I watched it because I have such little memory of the ending. I found it grotesque looking before. Now I appreciate its appropriately invasive aesthetic. It has the feel of a meta-Lynch film, one you only get after immersing yourself in his other work.

Film Micrœview #573: Workingman’s Death

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Rating: Good.

Perception over judgment. Not poverty porn. Gritty Koyaanisqatsi. Or if Wiseman ventured around the globe.

Dream 668: Conflation

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He keeps trying to make it happen. The joke’s on him, though, because in the end the mystical horse and woman are both the same entity.

Film Micrœview #572: To the Ends of the Earth

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Rating: Bad.

Kiyoshi Kurosawa has been watching a lot of French film, I take it, and has produced an epicly aimless and meek adventure punctuated by two of the exact same flight of fancy scored with the most obnoxious and saccharine Japanese ballad I can’t handle. Can’t reconcile this material with the mind behind Charisma. Was this even about the Japanese, or Japanese-Uzbek relations, or feminism? Barely, if so. Mostly I think it wasn’t trying to make a statement but just give a window into a very small set of struggles and experiences. Not really my bag.

Film Micrœview #571: I’m Thinking of Ending Things

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Rating: Shrug.

I have counted myself a Charlie Kaufman fanboy in the past. But you can only make so many films about emo nihilism in the self-emasculating hyper-self-aware misogynistic horror genre before I get tired of it. He basically just makes films about himself masturbating to his own pathos. Granted, his vision here of hopelessness, of wanting to return to the womb, of possessiveness to the point of fantasizing that your love being unrequited is equivalent to the other person being suicidal, that from the infinite perspective of death there’s no difference between the love of your life and a mosquito that bit you 40 years ago, or no difference between livestock being eaten alive by maggots and celebrated intellectual and artistic luminaries, is chilling. I feel a bit odd giving Coco a higher rating than this, and am amused at how polar opposite the two films I’ve watched most recently are. But honestly I think Coco’s take on love and death is more honest and insightful than Kaufman’s. If you’re terrified by the prospect of expressing something meaningful to the world, and your response is just a stylized non-response, perhaps you’re attacking the problem wrong. Perhaps Kaufman could take a page out of Jodorowsky’s book and instead of accepting that all human connections are lies and your existence amounts to a solipsistic, useless, second-guessed failure to indulge, maybe just go out into the world and listen to one single random person really closely and see if you can use your experiences and creative powers to help them and make a connection with them. In the meantime maybe I’ll just go back and rewatch Persona or something.

Random bonus: here’s me asking Charlie Kaufman about VR:

Dream 667: Puzzle Hell

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Aside from the bloody mess outside implying the egg has hatched into a hideous monster that will one day hunt us down, it was almost going to be a perfect happy safe ending.

Both of the girls had shown up at movie theater, for me to sit between, Karin and the other one.

The cute little chartreuse plastic character had gotten his fingers run over by cute little baddie bikers as he clung to the edge of a tiny cute cliff.

I’m trying to put this puzzle together, even though (as I keep reminding myself) we already finished it.

Film Micrœview #570: Coco

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Rating: Good.

Teared up a couple times. It’s your classic Wizard of Oz type story, where the protagonist feels incompatible with their home, and goes on an adventure to discover how it was a huge misunderstanding from both sides, and each side’s fulfillment is in fact beyond the opposing side’s original position. Also just an incredibly cute, imaginative, and profound premise.

Film Micrœview #569: Eraserhead

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Rating: Dr. Pepper.

This film is a lot of things. For me, it captures my fears that the sum total of that which I create in this world amounts to an eraser, a bomb. That I can create only destruction.

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