Dream 657: Chalkway

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Hilarious lizards chase each other, running on their hind legs. They are very wide and very flat, like they swallowed some credit cards or something.

Dinosaurs trapeze in great windowed garage.

The black singer of an otherwise white band is naked and frantically guiding us down the dungeon steps to the salt flat surface with his triple penis (he has no balls, each of his balls is instead another penis) which is extruding multicolored chalk pathways we can safely take. We have to continuously crumple up the pieces of chalk with the dirt, further and further diluting, to progress, as we wait for new chalk targets to spawn increasingly weaker and slower and rarer. We might not even make it back, our guide long gone, we’re nothing but a ball of dirt with haze of rainbow chalk composition.

The toy collection around the edges of the room has seemed to grow tremendously as I try to organize things. This is taking much longer than I’d initially planned and Karin is angry.

Film Micrœview #558: The Sweatbox (2002)

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Rating: Shrug.

A bit of a lame documentary, but the subject matter was interesting to me since I love The Emperor’s New Groove. Some notable improvements I think, which not all the creative team seemed to agree with. Yzma’s character in particular was drastically improved, it would seem. Also holy crap Disney was/is a ton of white dudes.

Dream 656: Momonoko

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Five cute li’l corgi puppies runnin’ all over.

Film Micrœview #557: Da 5 Bloods

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Rating: Good.

Definitely a Spike Lee movie. Extended fourth-wall breaking monologues. Radio shows. Complex socio-political situations infused into complex inter-personal situations.

Film Micrœview #556: Rogue One

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Rating: Shrug.

Wondered if I might feel any different about this movie after watching Star Wars: Rebels.

Not really.

Film Micrœview #555: The Beach Bum

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Rating: Bad.

Self-congratulatory, gross, and slightly troubling. Rather than be fun, or genius, it just constantly tells us how genius and fun it is. Quite the disappointment after Spring Breakers which purported to tread a similar line between art and debauchery, but had something interesting to say. This one just made me feel hungover. Perhaps it is making fun of the Pulitzer. Perhaps we are meant not to see Moondog as the hero. But that’s really hard to suss out.

Dream 655: Lionshead

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A rotting disembodied lion head is the most terrifying thing possible.
We’re all on a field trip to Elon Musk’s office. Which is not all that impressive, it turns out. I mean, like 20 of us can fit in it at once, it’s a corner office with big windows, but nothing crazy. He has those big bouncy balls for chairs. I sit on the one closest to his desk. As the meeting is closing, I make a joke and Musk really likes it. Finster calls me out for brown-nosing by pointing out that Musk’s stock is about to go up by an entire dollar and that now is the time to get hired. I see Agron but only for a moment; he goes off toward the elevators with his gay friend. Shane seems to judge me for not being able to keep Agron around.

I’m giving a ride to someone after this event which I had forgotten about and now I might be too drunk. Also I think I left my keys in the car which is fine insofar as being able to get into the car because it’s one of those proximity-based electronic unlockers but that means anyone could have gotten in.

Dream 654: Freeloader paste

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The fridges at work are filled with tubes of grainy food paste of dull rainbow colors spelling out “Freeloader.”

In the work tutorial I find Nelson, with tall, teal, anime hair.

Hawaiian caves are much larger in scale than you initially think when you look out the window from a neighboring island, seeing all the little denizens streaming out like ants out of the volcano cliffs, down the slight sloping sands.

Dream 653: Dotenvhedron

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Regular polyhedra of increasingly complexity are rolling by out the window down the stairs on the side of our house.

The next day I notice on social media that Squarepusher has posted an image of the front of our house. You can see the stairs up the side and the name “Blumeyer” on the front. I guess this must mean they filmed their new music video chez nous by suprise.

Now, regular polyhedra have filled up the grocery store. Vince and pals are hanging me upside down by my feet against the freezer doors. I have to break free while still pretending I’m having fun.

Stanford lets even the kids who didn’t volunteer to be in the Gaities show backstage for the party. My code name is “Dotenv”, not “.dot.env”, though I thought it was other way around (my coworker Barney is the other). The reason is apparently that in order to lower the level of the flashlight as they drove around country roads secretly at night they had to lower case my name.

Dream 652: The northern coast of Alaska in the 60’s

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Ah, the northern coast of Alaska in the 1960’s. They’ll pay you shit tons of money just to come up here and work, so you get to live in 6-story mansions with single rooms per floor with no staircases that you just have to climb on mantles and furniture to squeeze through parts where the floor isn’t flush with the wall to get to the next story and each story is larger than the next and at the top you have a swimming pool on the balcony and everyone is partying. But your dad says something incredibly racist and you remember that it’s the 60’s. Also there are just standing pools of oil like ponds all over the place. But there is a curly brown haired doggie that doesn’t have a face beneath its muzzle at first until it smells molasses-stick in the air after you snap off a piece for it.

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