Lightning Bolt – Forcefield

09.08.2007 § Leave a comment

Inspired by my pal Nathan Marchack, I am going to begin a series of notes proselytizing music to my friends! It’s for your own good, you damned heathens. (please return the favor)

First but not foremost, I give you Lightning Bolt’s “Forcefield.” This song just makes me so happy. Takes about a minute to kick in full force with some of the best sounds ever devised to bug your parents. I tried to figure out what the FUCK is going on – I’ve gotten the general idea and can tap it out most of the time, even when it switches up and gets crazy halfway through – but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I can tab it out. Good luck. Even using Audacity to parse it, it’s just too free-form. Thought it was 11/8, then thought it was 9 dotted 16ths in plain 4/4… I just don’t know. Forcefield is apparently also a band which has toured with and released a split EP with Lightning Bolt, making it quite impractical to google tablature for this song. The song may be a message to/for Forcefield the band; regardless, since learning its title, I have not been able to listen to it without squinting my eyes, clenching my jaw, and imagining myself trying to force my way through a forcefield (especially since this track opens an album called Ride the Skies, whose cover looks like a bunch of creatures riding a space okonomiyaki through a scribbled nebula).

Ride the Skies (rest of the album kicks ass too!)

Oh, and, Lightning Bolt is just TWO GUYS! And that’s all a BASS GUITAR! Legend has it (and by legend, I mean some random blog which I have no reason to trust) that they once set up in the pit of a Sonic Youth show and started playing in the middle of one of their songs. Completely overpowered SY, who walked away.


Best served with five Jagerbombs.


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