of archosaurs, vegetables and wages

12.06.2009 § Leave a comment

I come out from teaching a class into my school’s lobby and some students and staff are waiting for me. One asks me, “So you like celery, huh?” Unsure where they’re going with this, I tentatively reply, “Yeah…I guess so…why?”

So there’s this Meet the Staff poster in the lobby that’s all in Japanese where each of us has a 好きな物 (suki na mono, “things I like”) section, and while it’s supposed to say that I like dinosaurs, kyoryu 「きょうらゅう」, instead it reads kyuryo 「きゅうりょう」, which is apparently celery.

And the damn thing’s been like that for months!

So we have a good laugh that segues into me talking about how celery is tasty and healthy and takes more calories to digest than you get from it because it’s almost all water, but it soon enough becomes clear that we can’t possibly be talking about the same thing.

The poor guys had all along been trying to say “salary”!


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