Dream #133: Obligation Snare

02.14.2010 § Leave a comment

Tattoos used to be just for fun, but now they are part of a social structure. You know it’s got to be bad when it reaches that point.

There’s a room that has portals to various other dimensions, sort of like the clearing in the woods in The Nightmare Before Christmas that linked to each holiday’s nexus, except this is cubic, and like a person turned inside out, with portals to different people. One leads to a bar run by a really skinny Japanese guy, the ninja type, but more psychological. The worst thing is that all the patrons are enslaved, like they live there, but it’s really just social manipulation. He is making it so powerfully awkward for them to leave (“You’re all my friends, right?”) that they can’t find a way out of his obligation snare. There is one dissenter: a young woman, around his age, also of East Asian ethnic descent.

He used to be an old white guy with a beard who ate Frosted Mini-Wheats in whole milk while working a register, selling me a Full Throttle Blue Agave (which I was switching at the last second from a Red Bull, trying not to lose my place in line, stretching to my physical limit to reach it out of the cooler, despite feeling ambivalent about it).


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