Dream #166: End of World by Loss of Personality

03.11.2010 § Leave a comment

The world is ending for real this time. The way it’s going to happen is: everyone will lose his or her personality.

Darryl and Jude and I happen to be together at the time it’s announced. They propose that we should go to the library where we can use the internet to download new personalities.

Unfortunately, the progress bar indicates that our new personalities won’t have finished their download until after the end of the world. Succumbing to despondency, Darryl and Jude lose their personalities. The giant rat-monkey cyborgs who succeed them blast each other to bits with the green plasma blasters they have instead of right forearms.

I walk outside, wading through a sea of giant rat-monkey cyborgs, split-open, oozing foul-smelling green gel. The world is scorched; from horizon to horizon, there is brown smoke rising from the fields of death. The only sound is the crackling of fire. Not even distant blaster fire is audible, so I must be the only one left.

In the center of the street a staircase rises from the carnage. I go up it, to its floating rectangular platform. There is only one wall on this platform, rising up from the center of the long side opposite the stairway, but not spanning its entire length, and almost entirely constituted by a great four-paneled window; essentially it is a frame for an absurd window. Above it, perhaps mounted but equally likely just floating there, is a black alarm clock with glowing red transistor font LCD numbers, counting down minutes and seconds to the end. When it reaches 0:10, I avert my eyes, not wanting to see it actually flip over to zero. But after some time I decide that more than ten seconds must have passed, so, with much hesitation and trepidation, I look up.


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