Dream #16: Returning the Escaped Mobile Cat Food Machine to the Vet

03.27.2010 § Leave a comment

I’m walking around the streets of the city at midday when some woman loses hold of her cat and it goes running. I do what any guy should and chase after it, but then actually I’m only chasing some bizarre contraption: a needlessly mobile cat food machine which creates wet food from dry food.

I catch it and return it to the vet. Though the vet is clearly Caucasian with a dirty blond goatee, he speaks only Japanese, and makes little effort to thank me across the language barrier. My dad is there with me at this point, clearly having responded to the emergency situation, and he is pretty emphatic that he will make sure he gives me the thanks I deserve. I’m just frustrated and defensive that what I’ve done hasn’t been anything above and beyond the call of duty; it has just been what any ordinary person should have done. And I’m all the more frustrated for being unable to articulate this to the vet in Japanese (and I remember distinctly rejecting “dou itashimashite”).

Then strangely enough, though I seem to remember that coming in, this lobby was just through the door off the street, on the way out of the vet it’s a labyrinth of uneven sandy ground and unfinished doorways without doors whose bases you have to step over, all while dodging these naked men who are streaming inside against us from the opposite direction, also stumbling through this obstacle course.


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