Dream #159: Alien Pears and Pitcher Plants

04.05.2010 § Leave a comment

It’s recess and I’ve wandered way far out past the edge of the playground, almost to the woods. The next furthest kid from the school, a little girl, watches me with trepidation. There are some large, strange flowers out here. I approach one but it’s a trap. I slide down a slick, fuzzy, green, grooved ramp into the belly of a sort of giant alien pitcher plant. The walls are too high and angled in and slippery for me to escape. The floor is slowly filling with a sort of digestive juice. I’m going to die. My clothes are gone.

Then we’re back in the cafeteria eating our tuna fish and PB&J sandwiches and such. The side door outside is busted open and in emerges what appears to be an extraterrestrial. It is shaped and colored like an upright pear but is seven feet tall and moves on spider-like feet that look like giant twigs. Within moments it becomes clear that it is also hostile. Its top pops open and it spews a sticky goo on several students who are instantly ensnared. The cafeteria erupts into a tumult of panicked screams and pandemonium. With its front stem-legs the giant alien pear begins picking its first victim apart. I note that again, this kid is naked, the intelligent goo seeming to immediately work its way into all its orifices.


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