Dream #141: Biking in Alabama

04.19.2010 § Leave a comment

It looks sort of like 1960’s small town Alabama, a nice and hot and humid summer late morning. I’m riding this bike that Melanie sold me for $80 to catch a white bus that’s going to take me with grandma and grandpa on some field trip, but while I’m not paying attention the bike starts taking me left down the wrong street instead of straight ahead. And I catch a glimpse of the white bus, and I realize that it’s just about at the stop already, so I have to really super hurry if I want to make it. As I approach at breakneck speed I see that grandma and grandpa are trying to flag it down to stay a few more seconds, but it just keeps going. So I pedal harder than I think I even can, swishing right past my grandparents.

And all the bus does is make a right turn at the next block and the school is right there on the right.

So I fly like a speed demon into the crowd of middle schoolers, around the swimming pool in front of the front steps, and also through it. When I get to the front door I dismount only to see that my bike is gone. I must have been riding air for some time! So I frantically look for it in the pool and between all the fucking bustling kids with their bulky backpacks, and the sun is just baking me on the concrete. I start to wonder if I had lost my bike way back when I first started mad rushing for the bus.

I find something, but it’s not my bike. Underneath a cement driver’s seat there are some old drawings of mine which I had disorganizedly stashed there back when I went to this school.

I’m almost certainly late now, so I guess my only hope is to simply do dinosaurs versus robots and hope that’s interesting enough.


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