Dream #175: James Caan tries to prevent the Holocaust

04.23.2010 § Leave a comment

It’s the well-known tale The Jungle Book, wherein a gorilla battles an orangutan for romantic possession of a human woman who looks like the Childlike Queen from The NeverEnding Story, perched on a bird swing. No matter, because the entire shimmering white open-faced palace also seems to be on a swing, and it tips over into the water, and they are all devoured by a monstrously large killer piranha, pale as the moon. And now it’s coming for me! I thought I was standing somewhere safe but it’s surprisingly narrow-bodied and maneuverable.

James Caan is a proud, handicapped factory worker. He’s sitting out on his balcony in his wheelchair in the rain at night. A lightning flash reveals the silhouette of a burglary coming for him. He has the initiative to ambush the burglar, but no physical ability to stop him. So Ed Harris the burglar kicks him over and shoots him in both of his knees, and discusses the trajectories of the bullets and how he could easily kill him. But Caan just wants to psychologically reason with him, to Socratically push Harris to realize the inherent unhappiness in his way of life. It is left ambiguous whether he’s gotten through to him. Harris leaves Caan back upright in his apartment, nothing stolen, but blood streaking down his face.

The next day Caan is in one of his weekly Extreme Jew Cult meetings. Sean is their leader. But he’s so young — how could he ever understand? One of them questions the mark he has on his shaved left temple. We the audience know that it comes from an injection they receive at each meeting, but Sean with specious logic tells them to look around at each other and notice that they all have the same mark of brotherhood! Apparently his teaching is that the Holocaust is not over, in fact, it never even happened. That is to say, that it hasn’t happened yet. And if we don’t do everything in our power now it may actually happen soon. The terrible truth is, however, that Sean himself is the evil mastermind, and he’s going to kill them all himself!


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