Dream #183: Last Straw Bawk-Bawk Chicken

04.25.2010 § Leave a comment

There’s five parts to some movie, and you know or at least hope that one of them is the one you’ve been looking for. And they’re all prequels.

For some reason we can’t skip through them, so we have to watch them all. Each part is more tedious and banal than the last.

Hours later, the fourth one finally comes to an end. Jesus. Most of us have given up hope. I mean, if this final episode is going to be it, then this film maker has a sick sense of humor, showing us all that degenerating crap if it’s going to lead to something as triumphant as you claim it was.

The fifth episode begins. “THE BAWK-BAWK CHICKEN-” the narrator jolts out in an extremely goofy, exuberant voice, as if directed to a 2-year old, even further exponentially juvenile than episode four. We can’t hear anything else he says because you just explode with rage, turn it off, and storm out of the room.

I guess it wasn’t it.


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