Dream #92: Family Feud

04.27.2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve just caught my dad cheating on my mom, since he brought his mistress to the restaurant I work at. I don’t blame him for this lapse in judgment, so he must not’ve known I worked there. I do however judge him for his choice of mistress: some short, fat, older woman, with whom I’m definitely familiar but can’t place.

He tells me that we need to talk. For a fleeting moment I think this means he’s going to kill me, but then I realize he just wants to discuss level-headed what is best for the family; how we will or won’t break this to mom.

But we’re already home and she already knows. She’s angry but not furious. She’s suing my aunt, because when she went over to her house to collect her bounty, some of the doors were locked and she couldn’t access some of her possessions she might have wanted to have taken.

Because this all was merely a subplot and the main action happened to climax in the garden just outside my garden-level room, I realized that the opening shot of the film should be from my garden looking at the street as cars pass and then my dad turns into the drive to break the news to my mom.

Now it’s the sequel. Ana and I are in a Pakistani palace, at some international conference of some consequence, talking about the state of the world. Her family name is Manesha (I thought it had been Maneesha), and the guy tells her that somebody is her enemy. She likes this idea.

I’m giving a cat a massage. It’s really liking it deep and hard, and I think Wouldn’t it be great if we could fuck, because we have such a strong physical connection. But it’s a cat.

We’re in the Midgar slums. There are animals doing stunts outside, and one cat is standing on its hind legs on its balcony when another cat and dog pair descend on it using a giant spider thread. This other tall guy in green with a black moustache claims he’s a Turk.

You see, the first movie had starred these three Japanese guys. In it, they all die trying to save the world, but one of them comes back to life, as does this really minor male nurse character from earlier in the movie who had been played by the director (me) since the first one was so low budget.

And then an entire group of siblings (mine) has to fight an entire other one. We’re not matched by age; the oldest (me) gets to choose his or her opponent indirectly by their weapon. That is, we’re presented with an ornamented case containing each of the opposing family’s members’ weapons; by choosing a weapon, we choose its corresponding wielder as our opponent. There are various daggers, maces, sai, etc., all curly and evil and in this case trimmed in turquoise per their family colors. But when the fight starts there is no warning, and no explanation of rules, and the kid says he’s done this before but I am like But I fucking haven’t and look I’m cut now It’s bleeding It’s distracting and the fight hasn’t even begun in any official way yet! So then my Dad hastily mutters some made-up-sounding “rules” under his breath, along with everyone else, in this quiet cacophony of mockery. All I can pick out is something about waiting two seconds between cuts. So I just hang back, stalling. The kid throws his fucking knife at me and I’m like Fuck this I would rather die by hanging than play some retarded knife game that is being administered like this! But apparently this is not an option, the system is just completely fucked up, I’ve come to find that my definition of reasonableness is completely clashing with external standards, so I run away. I try to lock myself in a bathroom upstairs, but the rooms are too unpredictable, oblong, it’s difficult to tell what’s a hallway and what’s a room, the doors aren’t placed regularly enough, and there’s too may people after me. Though, after a while, they seem to give up, scaring the crap out of me. I finally go back down and this one tiny little girl attacks me.


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