Dream #11: Darth Vader Porn

05.02.2010 § 1 Comment

Shirley is watching porn with me. She has put up with it way longer than I thought she would. This is so disturbing. She knew I was looking for it though I didn’t need to see it.

Now my computer is freezing, replacing every browser tab with Alexis Amore, and they’re multiplying. Martin’s in the movie. There’s a low-angle shot of him pushing her ass up onto a roof. Then it cuts to a really high-angle one, and they’re both wearing capes, like Darth Vader, but glowing.

Shirley is looking pretty hot. She can change outfits in a split second but then she disappears. Or maybe it was just her pants.

I find my other phone on the kitchen grate in my room. I pick it up thinking it’s mine but it falls completely apart. Maybe it belongs to Shirley because here is her purse. Oh wait, now there’s four of them.


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  • […] though: my post about Opture which I would really like to see circulated more, and a dream I titled Darth Vader Porn which I imagine causes the most disappointment in visitors who stumble across my site through […]

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