Dream #93: Peeing my Pants in the Tennessee Vacation Home Bathroom

05.17.2010 § Leave a comment

I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m back in the bathroom of the rental log cabin in Tennessee. I’ve only been here once before, on vacation, years and years ago. I’m sitting on the textured white linoleum floor of the shower, naked, wedged in the corner, my arms and legs limp. Both the shower door and the bathroom door are open, providing me a vertical window into the bedroom. The harsh white phosphorescent light of the bathroom is the only light reaching into it, illuminating the wallpaper of the bedroom. Through the thick, hot steam, I can just barely discern it as a pale floral. Strangely, despite the steam, the floor of the shower is quite cold. But then I notice that there is also a tub, and from this low angle I can see what is only the hand of whoever is inside, hanging limply over the edge. So this is the source of the steam.

Abruptly upon this realization, the steam disperses and the light dims, as if the room is a creature that has been holding its breath and has just been caught.

A new warmth spreads over me, a pool of urine welling up in my lap.


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