Dream #35: Fail Substitute Teaching Film

05.22.2010 § Leave a comment

I’m substitute teaching for Mrs. Clark, my high school algebra teacher, in room 102. I get frustrated with this one kid and end up breaking off two math-scrawled spiky-word-bubble-shaped chunks off the blackboard and chucking them at his head. They thwock him bluntly.

Now I’m debating whether I have time to run down the hall to get the projector so I can put on a movie before someone would catch me. I decide to chance it, but before I get around the corner Mrs. Clark is back for some reason, as if to say that she didn’t trust that I would be able to handle this. Indeed, I was fleeing the classroom. So in her typical sassy manner she orders me to go ahead and get the projector, Let’s see what you would have done. So she sits silently in the room, I come back, and I put on some movie that’s in between a Miyazaki, The Matrix, and Akira. I’m in it, I’m like Neo, and then douche-face blond scar guy from Final Fantasy VIII is flying around like Mr. Smith at the end of Revelations and he stabs me, but it’s kind of a surprise. I mean that I didn’t know he would go this far, this is certainly not a game anymore, I’m actually fucking dying and like Magneto with the security guard in X2 now I’m weak enough that he can start sucking my blood out through my body and I’m glowing blue and he’s glowing green but now he’s taking all three colors (including red for blood) and he’s starting to supernova.

Now on the ground, big robot stuffed animals are gathering, like its a drive in movie; these animatronics are just transports for their cutesy Japanese cartoon drivers, and they are gathering at what seems to be a big crater but it’s got a lot of diagonal doo-wop diner black and white checker motifs everywhere. And some doughnut-shaped fields of orange/white danger stripes. They mix together, though: the black checkers become stripes going perpendicular to the orange ones underneath them but still over the white.


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