Dream #25: Robin Williams plays a witch in リバサイドイーストゾーヌ

05.25.2010 § Leave a comment

This is a cross between Oz and Willy Wonka, and it’s an allegory for the current US recession, as opposed to the Great Depression.

I am to set out on my quest with only one spade and one jar of jelly beans, but every time I look at one and decide I want it, another appears in my periphery that looks like more, or more variety, or a better flavor.

The land I’m in is called Warabi, just like the town in Japan I lived in. Indeed, much is written in katakana, for example: “ribasaido iisuto zonu” which roughly approximates the pronunciation of Riverside East Zone. Martin is the Wonka-Oz figure, and his hubris is obsession with The Seal of Approval on YouTube video, a giant glorious golden elaborate literal physical seal. He has started writing his lyrics about the futile coveting of it.

When I do set out on my quest, all it is is an eternal crosswalk in the rain. I set out when the man is green but then he goes red, yet every time I look further ahead the crosswalk keeps going. It’s starting to seem like a sprawling intersection of hundreds of streets and everyone’s looking at me as I sprint to try to make it.

Robin Williams plays one of the witches.


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