Dream #3: Cross-Dressing at a Fine Arts Game Show in a Psychedelic Home Depot

05.29.2010 § Leave a comment

I’m a cross-dresser, and some woman is madly in love with me. I tower over her, in my deep crimson lipstick and raven-black locks. We have to hurry out of the glowing white hotel. She rushes to her room to collect her things.

She has forgotten something and rushes back. I’m embarrassed because she catches me modeling really plain men’s clothing, like black t-shirts, in the mirror.

So I apologize and jump back onto the giant, soft bed and start trying to gather up all the wooden oval beads, but then I get lost in doing so and find myself in some sort of fine arts game show in a psychedelic Home Depot at the checkouts but a version of them in which they’ve been doubled, mirrored, and we have to race to carry works of art around them in a sort of simultaneous clockwise and counter-clockwise relay. A ref stops me to inspect the work I’m carrying, which looks like a rather plain photograph of an elephant in the arms of a little Victorian girl in a bonnet, and everything is covered in a coat of white paint with red splotches. But apparently this is super futuristic art, because the splotches are actually incredibly sophisticated patterns that only post-humans can fully appreciate.


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