Dream #170: Carpet Cube Restroom

06.04.2010 § Leave a comment

It’s Giant Many Layers of Highways Over The Old City Kind of like Tokyo Land again. I’ve been trying to go somewhere but I can’t make it before last train so I have to turn back. I don’t know exactly where I’m walking and I walk across an area that is clearly not meant for pedestrians but I figure I won’t get in anyone’s way too badly, but one car is turning into the parking garage toward the automated barrier and he’s being really polite to me but I feel bad because I’m trying to get out of his way but based on how he is doing his politeness it causes it to exponentially inconvenience him more.

At the restaurant we’re waiting for my cousin to show. My youngest cousin is still a baby. I go into the restroom for a smoke. There is no toilet, it’s just a tiny cube you crawl into that’s carpeted on all six sides. I spill some ash from my clove onto my jacket.


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