Dream #31: Gimme Items

06.07.2010 § Leave a comment

My brother and I are watching a really lame Clint Eastwood flick in which he is a friendly doctor. Inside the movie we are poaching flying ostriches for their guns. There are four varieties, each of which carry a different type of gun. Gimme items! Actually the guns are more like guitars. I finally shoot down one of the rarest breed, but in the ensuing struggle I lose its gun. It falls down into Hell and my brother gets pissed at me.

But then we eat some Cocoa Puffs and it’s all good.

Then my sister and I are high up in this evil granite tower, made of thick square platforms stacked on one another, separated by just four columns each at each of their corners. There’s this giant evil floating monster, kind of like Slimer out of Ghostbusters crossed with the Bomb things from Final Fantasy. It’s supposed to look like fire but it’s not glossy at all, just this really flat shaded textured orange plastic.

My sister throws a grenade in the monster’s mouth. Rather than blowing it up, though, this just kills it on the inside, causing it to deflate like a balloon. Since it’s so incredibly acidic, it burns hole after hole through the tower’s platforms without even losing much momentum as it flails wildly along its random course generally towards the bottom. Under the very bottom layer there is a Hell of bright green water which it plops into. I can see in a spiraling vantage straight down through the holes it has bored.

Then we figure we’ll catch the train into the city, but it’s more crowded than we expected and we get split up on the way through the glass doors of the station. My sister doesn’t notice. She’s taking the handicap ramp which is much faster, while I’m stuck hiking the stairs. We end up in different ticketing line. She’s slightly ahead of me, and not looking back.

In a case of terrible timing, when I try to get into my line, there’s an awkward situation with a stranger: it’s hard to decide who has gotten there first, so we’re both just awkwardly standing next to each other, not vocally acknowledging our competition, but both rotated slightly away from each other to assert claims over that precious extra half-inch forwards nearer the desirable line in between us that it gleans.

Finally, I tell him that the young lady just ahead of us in the line a couple lines away on my side is my sister, and that since I’m trying to catch up with her, and that while I understand and freely admit that this isn’t much of a reason, unless he has a better reason, could I please take the spot in front. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak English that well, and thus can’t understand the subtle nuances of my rather polite petition. He’s a scruffy looking Mexican guy and is just a jackass and shoulders me out of the way.

I realize that I’m wearing no pants, and that I can’t go to the city anyway since I truly have an ophthalmologist appointment to honor.


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