Dream #89: Watching Garfield in Tennessee

06.08.2010 § Leave a comment

I’m with my girlfriend Harriet, who is also my cousin. We each lost our virginity to each other.

But I cheat on her with her older sister, who is also a hot Japanese chick. Afterwards, she tells me that she loves me. I realize that we’ve had sex four or five times before I was even with my girlfriend, and I’ve only had sex with my girlfriend once or twice, so I decide that maybe I love her too.

I have to break this to Harriet. My first attempt is at a picnic table out on some concrete mall restaurant patio, but there are just too many people at the tables next to us, and it’s too quiet, so I don’t have enough privacy to feel comfortable mentioning it. And then I lose my opportunity when her two female friends come and sit down and she introduces and I feel horrible that she is continuing to bring me closer into her world.

Fortunately I get to tell her later that evening, outside on a round table, under an umbrella in the rain. She had sunglasses on and no one is around; this is way easier. There is something about collecting my clothes, and maybe watching Garfield in Tennessee. And I feel really bad for my dad.


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