Dream #135: The G-Word

06.13.2010 § Leave a comment

I gradually manage to get a bunch of people to come over to Phi Sig even though I personally am trying to get somewhere else. There’s a lot of wearing black involved. I’m really indecisive between specific of my numerous black t-shirts. The black jacket is a shoe-in.

I see Melanie for a second. Then I see Kyle and ask him how he got so many Asian people here on a Sunday night, aren’t we supposed to be studying? He uses the g-word for Asian people.

Underneath the main staircase right out of the kitchen leads to a basement where my change of clothes is. For a while I’ve just been wearing pants.

Shin is here.

The TV is on. A lot of people are milling around, coming and going.

There’s a bend, though, in the main stairs, and I’m seeing a lot of people I’ve never seen in my life. Now people are mostly leaving. By the time I get back downstairs there are only two main groups left. One consists of Bonnie and some other Indian chick, so I ask them how things are going and they say “Good, thanks” and thanks for being such a good host and checking in with them. I tell them how I’d had Indian food that night, though it wasn’t too authentic, probably just curry powder and basmati rice with cauliflower, cucumber and potatoes. Bonnie’s friend gets excited and wants to make some Indian food, so we go into the kitchen alone together and she tells me to get a biiiiig bowl, but I can’t find the exact one I want. The one I do eventually settle on seems maybe a little too big, and the rim is weird, like it curves under or something, and this is a really delicate situation where you want everything to go perfect so you can hook up. To top it off I’ve forgotten her name. I break this to her and she gets mock mad. She’s definitely upset but is covering it up; a good sign that nothing can mess this up at this point. But I refuse to give up fucking it up and decide to try to guess her name, so I guess Layla (another popular Indian girl) and she says no it’s Vanessa and we’ve met like five times. So I apologize profusely.

I’m on Facebook in my mind and she has pictures of four guys who I can only assume are past boyfriends, and the first of whom looks noticeably like me. So I think, OK, good sign. And her second to most recent boyfriend was Gary Oldman! And she listed Dada as one of her interests.


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