Dream #15: The Fifty Job at Coke

06.17.2010 § Leave a comment

Dad has lost his job. Yes, he would take the Fifty job at Coke. Wow, even my dad is just a dude and we’re susceptible to this kind of life and job security, and I am already on his level. I’m not below. It’s just that where I am is lower. Yikes!

He’s pushing carts of stuff around in the basement into storage but it was a job, like a waiter thing.

And wow, I am such an awful person for not appreciating enough to even remember that huge effort that all of my friends made to have a huge party down here. All of my friends from my times in Texas, Kansas and California brought together, colliding. I can see it now in only still frames like Facebook photos. It’s like I have no real memory of it myself, and all I remember is Linus drunk and stumbling around being caught and pet by the three girls spooning on the top bunk, one of whom I thought was Rachel but I know I got the impression that they were Texas and Kansas people.


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