Dream #273: Obligatory Awkward Hangout with previous apartment tenant Ewan McGregor

01.05.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m chasing a mouse at The Giant Sub behind a bamboo fence, swinging at it with a foot-long metal ruler. I’m hoping that luck will favor me, since I would still get satisfaction out of gloating over the kill despite admitting to myself that the crowd is right to deride my strategy. At one point I get really close to slicing it cleanly in half, but no cigar; my subsequent frustration is mostly with the crowd’s likely misconception that I am stubborn about my strategy being good, when truly I’m just trying to cultivate exciting unlikelihood independent of my own credit for it. Suddenly a burgundy pig, looking burnt and raw, comes out from under the 2” clearance and eats it. Then it starts eating my foot.I’m scoping out Karin’s new apartment for her. Ewan McGregor is the previous occupant. He helps me find and crack this music software (think it’s Ambisonics) that I know Karin wants, but I get sucked into committing to hanging out with him sometime.

Now Karin and I are checking out the room. The texturing on the wall is so pronounced that lazy painters over the course of the last couple decades have failed to penetrate into its cracks often enough that they’ve ended up a slightly different color, pinker while the surface is more lavendery. I tell her about the software, and she initially assumes I only got the inferior kind; you see, there are two softwares that often get conflated with each other, but no, I’d known about that, and hadn’t merely gotten the one that’s easy to get and less functional.

So now I’m doing my obligatory hanging out with Ewan. We’re on the Death Star, in a video arcade, about to play a racing game. I’m sitting in the middle seat, he’s on my left, and some other guy is on my right. Ewan hands out some shrooms. I’m taking them, but every time I look at his bag, more have appeared.

I’m running around with a handheld jigsaw, slashing reality itself, killing tiny people in my path: an inter-dimensional bloodbath. When it is all finished, I swim in a pool of blood with the six-foot tall blond bassist of Serena Maneesh.


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