Dream #279: Happy Days

01.11.2012 § Leave a comment

Back in the vacation home mall party coast hilly California land.

First we knock on the door, but no one answers. This is the room where the party had been last night. We’re supposed to either clean it up or take it for the next night. In any case, they constitute a social group comparable to ours in behavioral dynamics, but there are no overlapping members. So we just open the door and walk in with little hesitation. It’s bright but cloudy out the window. There’s one guy in the main room, sitting in an oversized comfortable-looking blue woven chair. He’s playing video games on a reasonably-sized, low-laying entertainment system. There are two rooms off to the sides, with one person each in them as well. There’s loud music playing, and that’s probably why they didn’t hear the knock. So we apologize for entering so abruptly since they might have been doing something private, but they’re pretty chill about it.

I’m sitting in an over-lit off-white hipster kitchen during the party, deep in and even relatively low to the ground. Oliver comes in and I can automatically pay attention to only him such that we can converse all the way across the room through the noisy crowd. He asks me if I’ve ever watched Happy Days, and I say Yes, totally, and he asks me if I ever saw the episode with such-and-such who everyone ignored, and I hadn’t but said sure anyway. Apparently he feels like other people have been acting like he doesn’t even exist; he doesn’t really know anyone else, and is just there because of his brother Calvin.

The party is winding down and it’s dark now, with only red light. Some people were flipping channels nearby. They stop on one channel, which I realize after some time is porn. Two hot chicks walk past me. One is blond. They lay down on the ground somewhat near me. Whatever, I’m at a table doing work. The blond one pulls down her pants, exposing her hot ass. Pamela’s porn star boyfriend John walks in from behind me and mounts her, but she resists, and walks away, mumbling that she wished that I’d tried something with her instead of him.


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