Dream #281: Piano Jam; Ice Cream Bar

01.13.2012 § Leave a comment

I tell Karin that I’ve opened up her piano to get her some jam.

I’m completely ignoring the hot chicks who lucid dream, eating M&M’s, missing my opportunity to sneakily figure out a way to get back to them. I’m passing through a town with some guy I don’t know, and passing through in the opposite direction below us is at least one older woman with cropped, platinum blond hair, who carries a shiny black guy’s body on a tray. Me and this stranger silently agree that she’s crazy.

I walk through the organic farmer’s market. It dead ends in an ice cream bar. I tell the guy that I’ve been here before with Aralisis, but that she had thought I had no interest just because I hadn’t stopped to buy anything. At the time, many of the vegetables hadn’t meant anything to me. Some half-eaten food is being passed around at the bar, but it’s unclear whether its all stuff people ordered or free samples.

Adjacent to the bar is a bathroom. I default to the furthest stall first, but it’s too pissy, so I go back to the first one to change.


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