Dream #285: Seducing Zira with Skittles and Carrots

01.17.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m preparing for a track meet Rocky style by running up and down an icy mountain path. I alternate laps between its two tiers, which are separated by a sheer artificial cliff held up by rickety wood.

I pack my things for the track meet.

Theo and I wait at the woodsy Atlanta-suburbs-looking bus stop on a stiflingly hot and muggy day. He gets the sense that we’re waiting at the wrong spot and starts scouting ahead. I’ve decided he’s right and have started trying to catch up when I realize that even though I set aside my required materials for the track meet, I packed precisely everything except them, so I have to run back and get them. However, so that Theo doesn’t think I just randomly disappeared, I’ve first got to catch up with him to let him know what I’m doing and then backtrack.

The bus station has a waiting area with a cafe, and everyone seems to be eating Doo-Wop Diner style food. Jude and Shane and everyone else is there. Shane and I share a moment in front of everyone, since we’re back to looking like kids, but still aware that we once again live in the same area and hang out, a situation which would belong to the unknown future of us as kids.

I’m watching Pretty Woman with Zira. I pull her aside. It’s dark, and the bluish-gray of these scene is projected all warped across her face. I try to kiss her, and grip her cheek firmly so she’ll like it. But she says she’s sorry and that she has to go, but there will be a next time, and she’ll bring wine. I tell her that she hardly has to, I mean, I had been trying to seduce her with Skittles and carrots! Her ugly butch female friend who has been here with her takes her home.


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