Dream #286: Evil Texan Ice Widow

01.18.2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been captured by an evil ice man with big floppy feet curled under like alien snow shoes. It takes me back to its lair to cook and eat me. There are a bunch of other people in cages as well. I know one of my friends has been captured by this thing some time ago and managed to escape; I forget exactly how but at least remember that it seemed easy enough, and intuitive enough that I felt confident that I would have come to the same solution myself without having needed to have heard it before, and if timing was involved that I’d grasp it within the available window. Unfortunately I didn’t consider at that time that it was likely this demon would have learned from my friend’s escape and that the possibly solitary weakness in its security which he had exploited may have been patched up in response. I consequently start to get super scared.

I suddenly realize that I’m talking all this through with the other caged folks, aloud, while the demon has been in the shower. This whole time I probably could have just hopped out the window and bolted. This reminds me of that one time I was running through a zigzag neighborhood. At this point the demon is just a giant, fat, old, ugly, lonely widow. I only make it to the end of the street and a couple short blocks down Eisenhower (the main vein of the Indian Springs neighborhood of Carrollton, TX) before I can hear her revving her engine to run me down. She turns out onto Eisenhower.

I’m outside Walgreens after dusk with Bender from Futurama. The sky is grey. I’m not supposed to take pictures of the meteor crater, since I’d be competing with the tabloid magazines already on the shelf.


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