Dream #287: Yeah, I’m a girl

01.19.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m an old man. I sleep in my bed in the Sub with another old man. We have a convention to go to.

I wake up. Apparently we’ve gone to the convention and back and I just slept right through the whole thing. Our bed is also used as a car, which he used to drive us there and back.

The convention was a big flat map. There were two sections on it: top and bottom. Each section has four camps: red, green, blue and yellow. Each camp is associated with one element. The color to element associations are not obvious. That is, red is not paired with fire, green is not paired with earth, blue is not paired with water, and yellow is not paired with air. I remember specifically that green was paired with fire and red with water. Yet somehow these pairings make an even deeper sense than the insultingly obvious ones would have. Also, the elements seem to be conflated with geometric primitives such as square, triangle, and circle, which are further conflated with the fundamental waveforms sine, saw, square and triangle. The organization of the camps in both sections places blue in a special way, but different kinds of special. In the top one, maybe, blue was much bigger than the other three, or surrounded them, or had more connections between the others, something like that. In the bottom one, blue was in the center, and was a battle room. Other camps had buses through which they could send animatronic avatars, like those little foosball robot boxing toys whatever they’re called, but they didn’t fight face to face, they fought side by side, still damaging each other, just indirectly, and instead of punching arms they blinked lights, and you had to get this pattern of button pushing down exactly right, as efficiently as possible, to win, and it came down to matters of milliseconds: five punches, then three rechargings. I wasn’t very good at it, but oh well.

Karin is a blowfish. She wants to move to New York City, but only as sushi. So I decide to move back to New York with her. Some sharks are swimming around near her. Karin as a person is watching this with me, and points out that the sharks look super goofy because they have huge fins. I suppose she’s right. Now the blowfish is Michelle, and the seabed is littered with shark skeletons which have touched her.

I arrive at the airport. It’s made entirely of beige cement. It’s a vast cylindrical shaft criss-crossed with a labyrinthine descending ramps and stairs. It’s extremely crowded. I get to the very last ramp when pandemonium begins. Black sludge is starting to wash in and flood the airport. Everyone starts scrambling back up the paths. I go back up so high that I overshoot even, one path too many, which leads nowhere. A policeman politely explains that I can just jump. I trust him but just in case grab the roadblock placed at the end and use it as a parachute.

We overhear on the intercom that the cause of the flood is thousands of oil rigs leaking across the world. These are all failed oil drilling which had been abandoned and forgotten. But now the earth surged and turned them all into geysers. Sort of like George Carlin crossed with Ninja Scroll gold poured down the bad guy’s throat. Some people didn’t know shit and I had to explain to them, though I didn’t have any hard facts, that certainly at least hundreds of thousands of people were going to die from this, and that possibly all life on earth could be extinguished when the balances of ocean ecosystems collapsed.

I receive two packages from Michelle, a large and a small. On each face of the package there’s a note written in green pen on a white label. The small box has a packed lunch. The big box has Karin’s bike.

I bring Karin’s bike over to this Australian guy’s apartment. I never see him but I know he looks like a rugged Heath Ledger and is passed out on the couch my family had in Tulsa. I stash Karin’s bike in a cabinet in the dim entryway. Some light is coming from upstairs. I follow the stairs to a hangout room. Two people are lounging at a table, leaning way back in their chairs. The Australian guy introduces them as Martin and Jem. I’m confused because Jem sounds like it could be female Jen or male Jim. One of the two people looks like a man and the other looks like a woman, and Martin is definitely a male name, so I assume the name must be female Jen. So I say hi to Jen. Anyway, I can’t figure out how I mess this up exactly, but it’s the worst possible way, and Martin has to say, “Yeah, I’m a girl.”


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