Dream #288: L Lim S / L Lim I

01.20.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m in a series of unusually bright and sandy caverns, such as are found in Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. I have to piss, and there are a series of ponds of slightly different elevations I could choose from to do my business in. I get it in my head that I should opt for the lower ones, just as I’m about to piss in a higher one. I mean, it makes sense, if they are connected underground, pissing in a lower one will taint fewer, via gravity. But my decision is lickety-split and made before I notice that there are already people all around the lower ones. So now it’s an exercise in casualness, acting cool about my penis being out in public. Yeah, I pee here all the time, you know.

Unfortunately this is just one of those times that I fail at pissing. I sort of flick my penis and overshoot, splattering a few people. One girl gets pissed on pretty bad, really. Most of the folks don’t really mind, but this girl is taking it really badly, being a huge sarcastic bitch about it. I tell her I have a specific kind of soap for just this sort of thing and that I’ll run and get it for her, and she thinks it’s the least I could do.

But I can’t find it. Compensating, I just collect a bunch of different soaps. It turns into quite the project, picking just the right combination, and just the right manner of presentation, and it starts to take forever. Then of course somebody next door in Grove wants to show me something, so I go and check that out…

By the time I’m finally on my way back I’ve pretty much given up on timeliness. I walk into her room as casually as can be. She’s fatter than I remembered, blond, wearing a polar bear skin robe. She says I sure took my sweet time. I don’t apologize, and act hard to get mad at.

I’m up in a tree in the suburbs, asking Karin to climb up with me.

I can’t believe that they’re playing Mx by Deftones in the dentist’s waiting room. An old lady takes interest. I explain to her that Deftones are a band who were popular in the 90’s on alternative rock radio.  Don the lanky beer brewer’s there too, and to my surprise he knows the track as well, despite him being in a death metal band. We’re singing along. He sings less accurately than I do. I know this song through and through. Weirdly enough, at the very end, they cut out the high part that lingers after all the guitars and drums cut out, and just go straight into the next track on the album. I point out that this is particularly odd since the previous song hadn’t been Deftones; it’s not like the lobby was playing albums, just shuffling artists.

Now Don is a black, brown and white tabby cat and he’s giving me a blowjob. Tommy, Don’s coworker at the brewery, walks in on us. Weird Doug, he says, so you’re attracted to women and also Don as a cat? Don is a person again, just laying on his back. I let out a hesitant and confused Ehhh…

We’re in the entrance to the dentist’s office–which resembles the stairway in Karin’s parents’ chateau–grabbing some math textbooks before we go. There’s a large table that has a whole color-coded spectrum of varieties of them in wall poster form, rolled-up and rubber-banded. Don says Make sure to get some orange and yellow ones, explaining that these are L Lim S and L Lim I respectively: two different theories, the latter more recent and better, but it is always good to compare.

How do you know so much about math? I ask him. Now he’s a lizard crawling from behind me over my right shoulder. Now he’s Sam Rockwell, laying on his stomach, and though his excruciating stammering I can make out that he apparently studied pi in college.


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