Dream #292: EESC

01.24.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m at Electrical Engineering Summer Camp, and a peer is telling me all about his assignment: the virgin territory of justly intoned electricity. There’s a lot of contention on the subject still, he explains, despite their being only one method: a subdivision of the range 0-5600. I suppose this is some voltage value. At all later instances he uses the figure 5800 instead, so I assume the first time when he said 5600 it was a mistake. In any case, the idea is that the first time one picks some subdivision of that range, divides it into any number of equal parts, then picks any sequential set of those parts; the second time one does the same thing except that instead of picking a subdivision of the range one must use the whole thing.

I haven’t done my homework for the first piece of music. I’m just not ready. This camp is even harder than Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp. I’m not prepared at all to make my robot interact with the environment. I haven’t even brought any sensors. Other people have already got their shit walking on walls using the Weak force of Adhesion.

I’m watching a Jim Carrey tribute video, in which a bunch of girls are doing his talking out of ones butt thing but out of their vaginas instead. They’re doing it at a super fancy restaurant, so fancy that despite there being only eight things on the menu it takes two hours for ones food to come out, since the waiter takes such precise notes on how you want it prepared. I choose the duck, and I can specify as precisely as in nanometers how deeply crispy I want it to be.


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