Dream #294: Giant Blueberries at Facebook Summer Camp

01.26.2012 § Leave a comment

There are giant blueberries scattered across the room, the size of bowling balls, that are just like blueberries except that they’re stuffed with normal blueberries instead of consisting simply of blueberry flesh. Most of them are half eaten, their skin ripped open and their and their contents strewn about. Ants are swarming this feast, as are my labs Lucy and Mae. One of the giant blueberries hasn’t been popped yet, and I wonder if either of my dogs would be smart enough to go for it. Mae, indeed, is. But it turns out there was a reason it was left as last: it’s rather rancid. Lucy just stands there, panting, watching. Mae has buried her maw inside the blueberry, om nom noming, rolling back and forth between her side and back.

But this was just a dream. I wake up in bed with Karin and ask her if I’d just been talking in my sleep, because I know that I do sometimes and have been interested in catching myself in the act, and I feel like that dream was visceral enough that it just might have been making it to my surface behavior.

I’m at Facebook Summer Camp. A big group of us are sitting in a circle on the floor, and a further ring is of people sitting in chairs turned around so the backs are against the many round tables around the perimeter of the room. It’s my turn to speak, and I say that I don’t do shit, that I try to use Facebook as similarly to way I use real life as possible, adding that I know the guys who made Facebook, that I’ve published papers about it, and that I wouldn’t get caught dead actually using it. I’m starting to get concerned that someone’s going to recognize my voice through my raspy cloak of sickness. It’s crowded though, so people can’t turn around.

Karin has broken up with me over the phone. I’ve already told everyone at camp that she asked to be boyfriend and girlfriend just yesterday, so it’s quite embarrassing to have to retract that.

I’m walking through my local airport’s mall on my way home from camp. I thought I knew the way to the public ground transit, but it turns out I’ve been going perpendicular to the correct direction: I needed to go south by southwest but have been going east by southeast. In order to get where I need to go at this point the fastest way by a long shot would involve stepping out of the building entirely and cutting across one of the rhombic parking lots; if I did that, though, I’d run the risk of the doors being locked, in which case the doors behind me would be locked as well and I’d have to make a huge C around the entire structure. This seems like a likely enough possibility, since the mall is deserted and seems to be closed while only the airport remains open. It’s the height of summer it seems since the day is long enough that the sun still hasn’t even started setting yet. I really don’t want to have to make this decision. Around the corner in the north by northeast direction, opposite where I need to go, there is a department store called Bear’s, with an apostrophe, unlike Barneys.


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