Dream #299: Newtown Apartment

01.31.2012 § Leave a comment

My brother’s staying over with me at my Newtown Avenue apartment, and a protracted miscommunication has led to an argument; he had wanted me to come to some restaurant, but I’m still in bed, now he’s already eaten two hamburgers.

Paul comes by my Newtown Avenue apartment. He’s thinking about taking it when I move out. He says he knew this room long before I ever had it. I don’t question him, but it seems odd as his social circle doesn’t really overlap with that of the rest of the guys living here. He’s telling me about how the room used to have no door, but I’m not really listening. I’m too busy being jealous that he’s going to be the new me to my roomies Parker and Joel.

My apartment has bunkbeds, my brother’s up in the top bunk, and I’m at my desk, squeezed into the six inch space against my closet next to my door. We’re talking about something and simultaneously I’m on Facebook. Two of my friends appear to be baring their big breasts in their profile pictures. I investigate to see if it’s porn. I’ve never seen something like this before. One of them is an acquaintance from high school, Cory. I’m like, Hey. But after she finishes greeting my brother, I apologize for acting as if I’d known who she was, that I’d only acted that way because I was so tired.


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