Dream #300: Popes

02.01.2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve posted something on Facebook about Korean being the best race (because of StarCraft maybe, or Korean food, or Chan-wook Park), but the next morning I realize that I hadn’t actually named the race. Shane (I think it was him) had responded, as if to correct my racism, that people of all races are responsible for all the best things, and this would have been tautological and politically correct were he not to have then listed examples of these best things in a way that there was a implicit yet obvious one-to-one correspondence between them and major race groups. Weirdly, he was specific than me, placing himself as ethnically Taiwanese in the same group with Koreans, and fluctuated significantly from thing to thing in terms of irony and racism in each. White peoples’ contribution to society had been “popes,” and though I forgot what it was that black people had contributed, I at least remember that it had only to do with their skin color.

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