Dream #301: Seattle’s Volcano

02.02.2012 § Leave a comment

Tina has yellow sideways witch teeth, tiny beady eyes, and extremely dry hair. I’m telling her how she’s she’s very good at talking to insecure girls and making them feel pretty.

I’m lost a maze constituted by the sections of hallway just outside the various rooms in which I grew up. I feel like I should remember at least one of the three stairways up and out.

It’s mid morning and we’re watching Seattle’s volcano begin to erupt from a vista point across a crystal clear lake, sitting on top of our cars in the museum parking lot. The group votes to flee when the explosion gets really big, though I remain insistent that it’s unnecessary; I was here last year and we did have to flee, but it was a much much bigger explosion and the magma only barely made it across the lake. I let everyone else drive off then try to find my way back inside the museum. The counter lady tells me that tickets are sold inside. She assumes I won’t try to sneak in the side way.


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