Dream #308: Vince’s Reaction

02.09.2012 § Leave a comment

We’re all in a big unisex bathroom together, in the future. Rick is showing me how to use an electric razor on your gums to stimulate them, when without asking cleaned up the wild edges of my hairline. There are two mildly attractive Asian girls checking me out, but I don’t act on it since there’s no indication that they’re here together. I run into my brother outside the bathroom on my way back to my room, so I start talking to him, but Vince comes back to interrupt to specifically address the issue of these girls; apparently he has never seen a more obvious flirtation with eyes in his life. I didn’t ask him which one he was talking about before one of them walked right past us. Instead of using the opportunity to instigate conversation with her, such as saying Oh my god, we’re talking about you, I just tell Vince Dude, she’s right behind you! She blushes and keeps walking past without breaking stride. I guess she might have been the other one if Vince hadn’t noticed her, and then that would have been awkward — Vince’s reaction anyway.

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