Dream #313: Forest Berries

02.14.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m exploring the subarctic with a bunch of people who know what they’re doing. We descend into a shallow lake. It’s full of swimming cleanly-cut hunks of fish meat that we can just pluck out and eat. The locals call them “forest berries,” because they pass right through your digestive system, and where you shat them out, new trees would grow.

Not all the indigenous life is friendly, though. A large white and beige snake is swimming with us, too. I’ve encountered one of these on a trip like this before, but everything had been handled fine. This time, though, none of guides can agree on how to react. They’re giving conflicting instructions. One says Put your arms up! Another says Put them down! So here I am flapping my arms up and down, so it comes straight for me. Now some say get out of the way, and some say freeze. It’s already started chewing through my layers of coats, and I know I’m done for.


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