Dream #314: Air Gnome Finesse

02.15.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m playing StarCraft. Larry, though he’s my enemy, shows me how to press the Delete key to move my gnomes around underground, from where they can still use their magic. They just look like wands protruding out of the surface of the desert, swimming around.  Seems like a pretty cheapskate method to me! I’m a n00b, but I can still be tricky — I decide to instead hold down the key to build a shit ton of gnomes, and then hold down the key that upgrades them, until they are air gnomes in biplanes. I must admit that I’m incredulous at how I have enough resources to seemingly limitlessly improve my army. Turns out that this isn’t really where the game strategy lies, however; the more advanced units are much more difficult to control. I lack the finesse to control them so their upgrades are actually detrimental. I clearly can’t win anything that doesn’t involve brute force.

Shane, Kapil and Harvey are playing too. I’m proud of this, and show it off to Karin.

Vince starts making out with Karin. She’s obviously displeased, but is generous enough to let him get a little. Vince turns to me and double-checks that I’m not protective of her or anything. I tell him that I trust Karin enough to do what she feels like, that we have a really strong bond. Vince seems pretty sad about the state of his connection with Flora. I figure aloud that Flora just wants him for sex, that she’s a very sexual person, very busy, and just doesn’t have time for his emo drama. This just makes Vince sadder, and he starts slinking out the door. Black cloths with multicolored iridescent triangles on them are arrayed on the wall, and he grabs the one in reach to wear as a robe on his way out, not even trying to go for the others. It’s maybe a little late, but I try to make conversation with him about the cloth, asking him if he made it himself for Burning Man, but I come across as forced, he reads it that way, and accordingly doesn’t bother responding.


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