Dream #315: Goblin Macaroni

02.16.2012 § Leave a comment

I’m dropping off a truckload of Burning Man trash on the other side of the jogging path around Stanford’s “the dish.”

I take a seat on this winding path of blue tarp which is rapidly filling up with people. The spots get taken randomly and thereby not necessarily in the most ideal way for everyone. I can’t find Karin so I end up having to make conversation with Frieda the whole time, waiting for our mac & cheese. Vince is sitting in my lap and I’ve got my arm around his tummy. It seems a little awkward to me, but, you know, when in Rome, so I’m scratching his tummy, no homo. Vince chides me for eating my mac & cheese with a spoon instead of a fork. I tell him I’ll eat it however I damn well please!

Ross checks out my room. He says it’s pretty good overall, but I could probably stand to turn the volume up on my speakers from level 5 to 8.

A group of four girls, none of them terribly attractive, tell us they’re goblins, and us guys aren’t sure exactly what that means for us, like, does that mean we’re doomed if we get tempted? One of them looks like George Michael’s girlfriend on Arrested Development, and one of them is a little skinnier and a ginger. They all have holes all over them like swiss cheese. Eh, fuck it. We all stand up and start making out. I notice that the one I’m making out with has ants crawling all over her. It’s not a big deal, until I notice that she has spiders crawling on her too, eating the ants. That’s where I draw the line.


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