Film Micrœview #2: Taxidermia (2006)

09.08.2013 § Leave a comment

Wow. This is certainly one of the most viscerally revolting films ever created. But it is not just for shock value. Being on the verge of vomiting throughout the viewing is just the canvas upon which an experience of history is built. For native Hungarians the film is apparently even richer in allegorical detail. For me, I could still sense the last century’s worth of upheaval represented in masturbation, morbid obesity, and ultimately a certain sort of self-preservation. Fascism, communism, capitalism definitely made appearances, and somehow it ended with perhaps politics transmuting into technology perhaps transmuting into art. There was a scene where competitive eaters, for whom regurgitation is a matter of course, do so while conversing casually. There was definitely something about whether the kids where of the body or spirit or some combination. Some weird pigs, cats, and pigeons. By the end, even a taxidermied fetus didn’t faze me. You have to see this movie.

love at first sweat

love at first sweat


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