Dream 321: Dilution Delusion

10.07.2013 § Leave a comment

A cloud of thousands of floating black trash bags passes low overhead. Really low. Too low. It crashes into the hillside. An explosion of refuse. Rivulets of trash juice poisoning our park.

A great oval portal tears into our world. Cyborg bees the size of basketballs throttle in, one after the other after the other after the other. We’re being invaded.

Look at my notes, see the timestamp? This proves that I did, in fact, hook up with Karin in a hotel room at Burning Man.

I’m transferring some of our precious Communist Chickpea Soup from the reserve tub to tonight’s ration bowl, when some water spills in from nowhere. Everyone knows that Communist Chickpea Soup must be at a very specific level of potency to have any effect. I know that what I’ve poured already is lost, but I persist in pouring, just for a moment, refusing for that moment to accept the sunk costs of the diluted soup. I discard the ruined soup and begin again — but it happens again. This time I’m slightly faster at accepting the grim decision that is mine.

I’ve gotten a sex change and am now trying to look something like Melissa Leo. I can see it in the eyes of my preschoolers, though — even with this forest green slip, I’m not pulling it off.


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