Film Micrœview #8: It’s All Gone, Pete Tong (2004)

10.07.2013 § Leave a comment

It's All Gone, Pete Tong

the coke badger-fairy is probably the only thing I will really remember about this movie years from now. certainly Donnie Darko inspired

Unfortunately no one can be shown Frankie Wilde’s experience… you have you hear it for yourself.

This movie wasn’t terrible. They did a good job mixing the main character’s perspective as a going-deaf and deaf man with the perspective of every other non-handicapped person. And a decent job portraying the brutality of his archetypical journey from “had it all” to “losing it all” to “finding what truly matters” while keeping it silly. In the end though I wondered why anything I’d just seen mattered. Not being enough into electronic dance music culture, perhaps I missed some of the style elements. I felt most secondary characters were poorly underdeveloped — there really was little else going on besides Frankie’s personal trials (exemplified by the eye-rolling reveal on the coke badger-fairy). And one of those secondary characters, his ravenously greedy and selfish manager, was so thoroughly unlikable that I just wanted him out of the movie, and not in the good way — I just think that role would have been better served by someone slightly charismatic. There was another music executive character that only appeared in the interview-cutaways that were thrown into the mix to give it a mockumentary tinge, and he was great, his super British understatements like “I’ve had to make tougher decisions in my career than cutting the deaf DJ” etc. Could have used more of that.


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