Dream 326: Wicker Pool

11.09.2013 § Leave a comment

An ad series on TV is parodying The Wizard of Oz, without any other contemporary media happening related to the franchise.

Trying to make it down this long carpeted hallway. Long haired crazy uncle suggests we get pushed on our front sides down it. Few goons get us going, and we’re off! And we’re there. My grandparents don’t fare so well, though. They went together grandma first, grandpa resting his face on her ample butt. Even though grandma broke their slide with her last row of knuckles, that wasn’t her problem. She was already dead from the burns and rashes. Grandpa is able to stand and speak fine, though he’s also ragged and raw. He’s telling us what to do, how to find his doctor. Unscathed, I feel like I should be the one to make the call, but my uncle (who is over here somehow already without even having slid) takes the phone and I don’t protest.

Later the police ask me for some help with holding a twisted green plastic covered metal wire woven patio table in the hotel lobby stable and level so they can sand off where the legs have been snapped in the incident, smooth and flat now but at different heights, to make a new, unusable, shorter, upside-down table. I notice that this leg of the table is light blue on the inside of its thick, oaky, beveled square leg cross-section, with blocky, beige shapes in it. It looks like it could say “L1”. I wonder… Sure enough, yes, the others say “L2”, “R1”, and “R2”! I never knew that pool tables were labelled like this. Nor did I know that the labels were physically lathed within the lengths of their legs like this (at least, that is suggested by their presence at all four of a random sampling of heights). The other three young’uns around, one of them a girl, don’t seem nearly as impressed by this discovery as I do. I realize I’ve left my valuables unguarded near the cubbies and best fetch them.

Turns out it’s two completely unrelated ad series for completely different products that weren’t even inspired by each other were developed in parallel that are both parodying Wizard of Oz!


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