Film Micrœview #20: No One Knows About Persian Cats (2009)

11.16.2013 § Leave a comment

No One Knows About Persian CatsDon’t get me wrong, I’m all about Makhmalbaf and Kiarostami style reflexive film (and Ghobadi is apparently even homies with the latter), but this film just had nothing to offer. With mounting boredom, I was taken on a tour of contemporary Tehran’s musical offerings, one partial music video at a time, sampling various genres ranging from metal to rap to rap metal to The Strokes clones (wearing The Strokes t-shirts) to stuff with more traditional roots. There was a lot of arguing about whether they should sing in Farsi and focus on the local scene or go English/international. There was a doggie that got confiscated by the cops. Everyone wanted passports and visas. Nothing happened. Most of the time I had no idea what the point of the scene was. It seemed like they were trying to put together a supergroup. The climactic consummate concert was a non-scene. Not even really as a parallel-edited thing. At the end there was instead a party where they couldn’t afford actual strobe lights so they did something weird that kept partially blocking the lens or a single light at a time and it hurt my eyes. Then a man jumped out a window and got hurt. I’ve never seen a movie that opens with a glimpsing foreshadow, then upon reconnecting with it at the end suddenly cuts off adding nothing more. Like this frame story, the movie was empty and pointless. It was dumb and boring. One guy gave a shout out to Danny Carey which was cool though.


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