Dream 328: Berjel

11.24.2013 § Leave a comment


I set out on my rowboat. I don’t do this often so I’m not great at judging time or distance or direction. Before I know it, I find myself at the extreme northernmost point of Norway, in the suburban town of Berjel (above is the actual formatting of the name — I was just unable to find j’s or l’s with umlauts). I need some place to stay so I walk right in to the first house I find. I feel shitty though since I notice that I’ve tracked mud all across this family’s carpet. I guess I’ll just wait for them to get home so I can apologize in person and get instructions on which cleaning supplies of theirs they’d prefer me to use so I don’t hurt anything. It’s dark out but who knows what time of day that implies here, land of the midnight sun!

The family arrives home. I only tracked mud through the oldest son’s area and he’s really chill about these sorts of things so it’s no big deal. The next day he shows me around town. The grass is green and lovely, the hills are beautiful and somehow don’t take anything away from the size of the huge bright sky, and their high school is huge too, clean, and modern. I watch him play a little bit of soccer. But I’ve got to head home now.


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