Dream 329: GTAX

12.01.2013 § Leave a comment

The new GTA takes things to the next level. Visual realism has been achieved. Physical realism has been achieved. Now they’ve made the NPC’s so realistic that they have natural conversations and lives with each other.

People like to laugh about how in the old ones you can go so far as to have sex with a prostitute, then kill her and steal your money back. Well, now, you can randomly murder someone, then stalk the aftermath, insinuate yourself in with his family, attend the funeral. Limitless evil.

Karin and I have been sniping from the bushes of an industrial park balcony. We zipline across a parking lot and in through some windows. I strike up a conversation with a young executive assistant type. She says she’s scared that lawyers are going to take away her (nepotistical) dad’s business. I make my eyes go wild and menacingly I say, as I pull my gun out on her, “I’M A LAWYER!” Karin’s eyes say, “Wow, this is pretty over the top.”


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