Film Micrœview #26: Hunger (2009)

12.07.2013 § Leave a comment

creepiest blood smile ever?

creepiest blood smile ever?

Man! I saw McQueen’s later work first. I am so disappointed in it now that I can compare it with his debut, Hunger! So much more inventive use of narrative structure and cinematography and sound. This is film art. Did McQueen’s imagination just collapse, or did someone take his balls? There is authentic passion here where the other two now feel particularly bland and try-hard.

The methodical observances of the little things we all do with our hands every moment of every day, coupled with the prison setting, perhaps a little superficially recalled A Man Escaped for me. I was also getting a bit of a Haneke vibe at times, just in the obsessive, cold, brooding, doom-like procession of situations. These were good things. I was both undoubtedly in this particular moment in history, and also throughout this particular extreme of life. More like this, McQueen.


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