Film Micrœview #27: Chronicle (2012)

12.08.2013 § Leave a comment


The philosopher character lacked all subtlety, merely telescoping philosophicalness. “Ever heard of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave?” he asks as they enter a cave from the surface. Yes, dude, you got the ‘cave’ part right, but you have no point. He’s the one that lives, so I have to feel the writers identify with him the most. They kill the black guy off first, again pointlessly — it seems they felt compelled to tap any “thing at is” that they could, and expect their audience to sort out some meaning or just assume it was deep. Super frustrating watching shit like that. Should have killed off the annoying philosopher guy and his meaningless subplot with a girl who also has a camera.

What I did enjoy about the movie was that it got as close to a live-action American remake of Akira as I think you can get in some ways without flying too close to the Sol. Also, the effect where the eventually villainous character animates his camcorder with his telekinetic powers married the Blair Witch / Cloverfield contingent with the bizarro ghost-eyes of Noe and Zbigniew Rybczyński’s work on Angst. The implications of this method are deep and I found this element quite compelling and well executed. In fact, I started to feel really strange whenever I wasn’t viewing the world through his felt-out composition and his visual narration.


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