Film Micrœview #36: Pacific Rim (2013)

12.29.2013 § Leave a comment

Rating: Blow.

Serious structural flaw: the kaiju wad is blown within the first 60 seconds. It is clear that the filmmakers have no sense of awe for these creatures they’ve created, for they do not cultivate any suspense for their appearance or power.

The kaiju and jaegers are uninspired.

The special effects are fine, but in this day and age, if you’re making an SFX film, if it’s not photorealistic, you’re wasting our time. I suppose I was spoiled, having just seen Desolation of Smaug.

The writing and acting were thoroughly, gratingly bad.

My intelligence was insulted by the cliched plot and its resolution, as well as numerous gestures throughout the movie. That which wasn’t eye-rolling just made no sense.

I imagined the film being pitched as Reign of Fire meets The Matrix. But the stakes were not as high as in either of these films, in which the world starts out fucking toast already and it’s a small band fighting for survival. And none of the monsters nor the cyber aspects were as thought-through or thought-provoking. Maybe Independence Day was in the mix too, but man, there really just was no build-up, no real grasp on this world that is in danger.

I figured as long as they brought up the East-West dichotomy they might get into some interesting psychology between these two protagonists attempting to meld minds, but they didn’t.

It was amusing to see Charlie Day (from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) doing the comic relief mad scientist bit.

I can’t wait for Pacific Rim 2: Atlantic Rim, or Pacific Rim 3: Pacific Rim 2.


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