Film Micrœview Ratings

12.29.2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve decided that my micrœviews aren’t micrœnough, so I’m going to start rating them on this scale:

Dr. Pepper: This movie has inspired me as a filmmaker, expanded my horizons, entertained me, and probably made me a better person. I have deep respect for the people who poured their hearts and minds and hours into it and wish them all the best. I will do what I can to spread the gospel of this film.

Good: It’s good. I might even watch it again with you.

Shrug: It could use some work. It was what it was. Etc. If it sounds good to you, I wouldn’t tell you not to watch it.

Blow: I wasted my time watching this film, and you will be wasting yours if you watch it too.

Evil: I hope for no one to ever see the film, especially not horrible people, for they may be warped and ruined by viewing it. I hope for pain for those behind the film, and I wish the film was either never made in the first place or for it to die such a horrible death that no one makes films like it ever again.


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