Film Micrœview #38: Mirror (1975)

12.30.2013 § Leave a comment


Rating: Dr. Pepper.

This was my second viewing. Even more beautiful than the first. To me, this film expresses the past and the present’s desire to be one.

I feel the present writing queries to conduct over the past for states of consciousness which can never be lived again. The boy tries to re-enter the house but cannot. The voice merges his ex-wife with memories of his mother.

I feel the past billowing up and shrouding itself as if it’d been queried thusly. A mysterious woman appears out of nowhere and forces the boy to read a specific historical document aloud to her, then the voice calls his son and imposes a “when I was your age” narrative onto him. The father appears as this voice only, and the grandfather only as poetry: history repeating.

A book is seen in the present first, a leaf in it signifying nothing to the boy flipping through it — and later we see where the leaf may have come from in the past, but this too means nothing.

I am again amazed by how, seemingly through being so bound to the particular history Tarkovsky channels, Mirror expresses my life, and as far as I can tell, all others’.

I cannot empathize with the point of view that this film is hard to understand. Sure, I might be slinging some intellectualism here, but all that is really important to shut up and experience it. I don’t know how to say this since I usually find myself desperately begging folks to watch with more scrutiny, more intent, to READ the moving images that pass through their eyes and minds — but here is one document that I feel hypocritically must have passed some screening of mine, and is considered safe somehow. Watch the wind blowing through nature at sunset as many times as you like, characters running offscreen, the camera losing and recapturing them, switching in and out of color and slo-mo and time period and focus as many times as you wish. This experience can only make you better.

Also, was that drill instructor’s brain beating? Was that why he wore that plastic cap, to shield it??

Also, The Tree of Life sucks.


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