Consonant Cycling

01.05.2014 § 2 Comments

For fun, as a Pig Latin sort of thing, you can take the consonants of each word and cycle them against the vowels. For example, David Foster Wallace becomes:

Dadiv Rofset Ceawall

As you can see, I didn’t simply move the consonants. I was working by sound, rather than writing, and used the spelling of the word as I could. Had I simply moved them by writing, I’d’ve gotten “Cawlale”, which has appeal of its own, but I prefer to preserve as much of the phonetic content of the original as well as reasonable spelling to back it up. So I would pronounce “Ceawall” not like “SEA wall”, but as “SAH-wull”, retaining the vowel sounds from his actual last name.


§ 2 Responses to Consonant Cycling


    mose dohilays: New Reya’s Day, Navelnite’s Day, Taisn Ckaptir’s Day, Earset, Icenedepnedne Day, Nahollewe, Ngathnksigiv, Schirstam


    another consideration is whether to break up affricates as if they were their constituent stops and fricatives or to leave them tied. For example, George could either become Geoger or J’dojred (contains the sound of “doge”).

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